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I can help you plan, fund, and execute your dreams using proven and successful techniques to secure grant opportunities for starting or scaling your social services program.





Let’s Change the World Together.

Each of us has the potential to change the world. I can support you in making your ideas a reality.

I have over 20 years of experience working with non-profits, coalitions, universities, communities, counties, and states changing the world through social services programs.

Social impact is the core of what we will do together. We can help our communities and families need change the world around us one person, family, and place at a time.

Start Finding Grant Money Now!

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Learn From a Pro

I have had the pleasure of working with Wendie directly, and there is no better person to learn from when it comes to balancing the struggles of complex projects like grant writing.
Jaleesa Chambers

Support for Every Step of Your Grant Process

No matter where you are in the process right now, you can get the skills you need to be successful at securing funding and creating sustainable projects.

My Specialities

Whether you’re a small or large organization, I can develop solutions and strategies for your specific needs.

Young boys playing basketball at a school in Watts, CA.

Child-Serving Organizations

I’ve worked with over 30 school districts and can help you build programs and services to ensure your young people thrive.

Non-Profit Organizations

I began my career in non-profit organizations and understand the complexities of non-profit funding. I can give you tools to raise funds.

Minority Business Owners

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how important small loans and grants are. My workshops, courses, and tools are designed with you in mind.

Uplifting Black and Brown Communities by Disrupting the Funding Environment

Black and Brown communities have traditionally been under resourced and over burdened. I specialize in working with founders of color- business and non-profit leaders who are changing their communities.

I believe it is time we give under resourced communities access to funding they need establish meaningful social change.

You May Be Asking Yourself…

You do not need a grant writer. You can learn the skills you need to apply to as many grants as you qualify for.

I will teach you how to write easy to understand high-scoring grant applications. You do not need prior experience writing grants or writing. Using my resources, you will have confidence in your writing and your ability to write a successful grant.

There are many different types of grants dedicated to specific purposes or groups. I will teach you to assess grant opportunities so you do not waste your time with grants that you do not qualify for.

Here’s What Monchelynn Said About Working With Wendie

Wendie is really good at working with people. She cares and it really shows in every aspect of her work.

Monchelynn Carbajal

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