How to Break Mindset Barriers

Breaking mindset barriers allows you to show up and serve in your business or nonprofit. Mindset is everything. When you are in the right mindset you can manifest your vision into reality using these simple to follow everyday tips. Explore your history, face fears, fail forward, pivot, and get help.

Breaking Mindset Barriers

Manifesting your vision into reality isn’t a quick process that happens overnight. Each day we work towards the goals that bring us closer to our vision. 

One of the most significant bodies of work we need to do as social entrepreneurs is… breaking barriers. 

For many reasons, we have real and perceived mindset barriers that limit our growth and limit our mindset. When you are working to manifest your vision, you work to break barriers is constant. 

5 Ways to Break Mindset Barriers & Manifest Your Social Impact Vision

  1. Explore History
  2. Fuck Your Fears
  3. Fail Forward
  4. Transition Directions
  5. Get Help

1. Explore History

Mindset barriers can come from our past experiences or how we grew up.

Our families and environments limit us. society tells us what we’re worth from a young age. No one taught us that mindset barriers exist and how to overcome them. 

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself “where did this thing come from in the first place?”

If you explore the mindset barriers you’ve identified, you’ll likely come to some sort of narrative you’ve been telling yourself for a long time. 

“My ideas don’t matter” or “I won’t be able to help anyone with this idea” or “No one is going to pay me to help them” or even “I can’t make a profit AND help people”

If you think about it, none of these things are true unless you make them true. 

You are the mindset barrier. 

Now you’re probably saying “YOOOOOOO CHILLL Wendie.. that’s not cool.” 

The truth of the historical context is that you’re the thing that has consistently been part of you history. You were there for the whole damn thing. 

The cool part is, you’re also the solution. 

Only you know how you need to break the mindset barriers that plague you the most. 

But first, you need to shift your mindset and recognize that you have barriers that need to be addressed for you to be successful and make an impact.

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2. Fuck Your Fears

Sorry, not sorry for cursing at you. For real, fuck your fears. 

The reason many social entrepreneurs don’t even start is fear. 

When you live in a fearful mindset, you get paralyzed into doing nothing rather than just starting to do something towards your goal. 

I know because I sat in that fear for YEARS. Literally years. Thinking about making a huge impact with the things I know that can help others make an impact. 

I was afraid of all the mindset barriers above, and then some. 

It wasn’t until my career took a twist that made me say “Fuck My Fears” this work is important. I’m important. The things I’m passionate about are important. 

Even after proclaiming fear independence, fear still creeps up all the time. So the work to say Fuck Your Fears is constant and can be overwhelming. 

Once you get to the Fuck Your Fears part of the journey, just know you’ll need to motivate yourself to stay fearless and keep progressing. Support and encouragement can help, but in the end…this one is also on you.

3. Fail Forward

Failure is the word that most of us are afraid of the most. It’s the thing that can feel like an immediate stop, don’t pass go, there is no more dream chasing. 

If you see challenges as a failure, you might let yourself quit when you didn’t need to. 

Struggles happen. Failure is defined by you, not others. 

If you’re afraid of others seeing you as a failure, stop. It’s not your thing to worry about. 

You need your energy to make sure that you don’t see yourself as a failure so you can keep going towards your impact goals.  Break your mindset barriers about failure by building confidence in yourself.

4. Transition Directions

Now you might be asking yourself “well if I can’t quit because I failed and I can’t be too afraid to start… what happens when barriers come up unexpectedly?”

Everyone says pivot. So instead we’ll say you should transition directions. Meaning you can simply tell yourself that the direction you were going in no longer serves you. 

Instead, save your energy because it is better suited somewhere else. 

When you are working to maximize your energy and impact, the less mind space you spend bemoaning the fact that you had to change directions, the easier the transition will be.

A transition doesn’t need to be an entire pivot in a new direction, it can be an upgrade or an add-on to the direction you were already going in. Or it might be a 180-degree flip. 

Either way, you control your mindset when you are facing changes. 

A phrase I learned long ago from a friend is “I need time to make friends with the idea”

At first, I didn’t understand what that meant because I usually instantly know how I feel about change. 

However, sometimes, I do need more time to warm up to the idea of going in a new direction with my business. 

In those times when barriers come up that are not always mindset, my answer is still… change your mindset. Become friends with the idea of change.

5. Get Help

No one can do everything alone. You can’t be everything for everyone. You likely can’t be everything in your social impact venture either. 

Sometimes you need help doing all the things so you can be successful at doing the thing you do the best. 

A coach can help you break your mindset barriers and face the challenges that test your mindset the most. 

Reframing what support looks like for your family and friends can help them know how to better support you. 

Only you know what kind of help you need and it’s up to you to ask for it. Rarely will people offer you the exact type of support that will help you manifest your vision. 

Unless it’s me offering you a space in my Level Up Accelerator program… in that case, I’m literally offering you the exact type of support you need to make your vision a reality. 

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