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Just before Thanksgiving, I hosted a room in the Social Impact Level Up Club on Clubhouse where I held space for our community to share how they are changing the world. This blog post and the corresponding podcast episode share the stories of 7 Latinas who are on a mission to change the world with their passion, experience, and life stories.

Believe That You Can Change The World Too

If you’re just meeting me and wondering what this blog is about, this post should explain a lot. I’m building a community of like-minded and like-hearted people who all individually doing what they can to create social change.

Since I was in middle school, I knew my profession would involve helping people. Even though I had no idea what kinds of jobs helped people, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. 

I was the first in my family to go to college and had to navigate all the challenges that brought. Which meant I needed scholarships because there was no way my mother could pay for it. I was fortunate to find the SAGE Scholars program at U.C. Irvine designed to help students like me.

The program paid for part of my tuition, placed me in a non-profit internship, and taught me how to be a professional. These are essential supports to helping students of color stay in college. (Ohh by the way did I also mention I benefited from affirmative action too? Fun fact.) 

If I hadn’t applied for this opportunity, if I hadn’t been a competitive candidate, and if I hadn’t gotten selected… my life would likely be very different. I had to show up in order to receive help. I also decided to go to grad school and become a social worker focused on creating social change through policy.

What Changes You Allows You To Change The World

There are parts of our stories that often inspire us to create change for others. When we see someone struggling the way we did. Or when we figure something out and want to help others benefit from our struggle.

Being a “helper” involves a lot of intrinsic motivation. Mostly because we face challenges inherent in the work, and there’s literally never any money

Passion and perseverance are trademarks of a good “helper”. Sometimes, we’re so busy helping others that we don’t pay attention to the change we are creating around us. It’s these small triumphs that, when aggregated, are going to mean BIG change in our world.

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What Kinds of Change Are Level Up Collective Members Making?

 7 Dynamic Latinas Who Are Changing The World

You can hear each of their stories in the accompanying podcast. I’m highlighting them in this blog post so you can connect to them, their stories, and their work.

Every week entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders with a social impact mission come together on the Clubhouse app to talk about important issues related to social entrepreneurship. This post is made from the notes of the Clubhouse room participants and members of the Social Impact Level Up Club. 

Together we are 7 Latinas Who Are Changing The World with our experiences, life stories, and passion. Here are our stories and simple steps you can make to change the world around you too.  

Meet Chef Mari P.

Mari is making changes in the kitchen. Mari experienced gender-based discrimination early in her career when she entered the kitchen. The food industry is dominated by men in the kitchen and Mari saw firsthand how sexist that environment can be. 

To create change in the industry, Mari is mentoring women to create an easier way for women to get started cooking, baking, and building their own businesses. Mari is focused on helping women who are dropouts, single mothers, or women who are struggling to find work. Mari is a role model for women who need to see someone who looks like them in the kitchen.

Genny With a G.

Genny’s specialty is helping people access information by breaking it down for them. She helps make government, voting, and policy accessible to people in the community to empower and educate them. Genny helps people of color learn more about the political process so they can break free from oppressive forces that are not designed to serve them. Genny also co-hosts the Que Funny podcast with her cousin where she shares her infectious laugh with the world.

Cynthia of Bad Stitches

Cynthia is a small shop owner who creates unique products, purses and themed merchandise. She uses BIPOC business owners to source materials and for collaborations. Cynthia also shares information with others who are striving to have their own business so they know where the best deals and materials are available from BIPOC-owned businesses. Cynthia’s business Bad Stitches is proof that you can ethically source materials, support minority business owners, and make a profit.

Jessica “The Womb Bruja”

Jessica is also known as the Womb Bruja. She shares her vast knowledge about healing through herbal remedies, cycle-syncing, eating according to your cycle, and birth/postpartum through classes, workshops, and 1:1 coaching. Jessica also has an apothecary where she shares herbal remedies specific to womens’ healing needs. Jessica focuses on serving the Latinx community so they have access to information that includes ancestral healing and products that are ethically sourced. Jessica is changing the way we discuss sexuality by teaching how to decolonize the womb space, and representing the Latinx community in multiple spaces online and in her hometown of Charlotte, NC.

Ana of

Ana is a stillbirth advocate who shares her story through her website Still My Son and a non-profit organization she co-chairs PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy. Ana shares her story of losing her son to inspire others to heal from loss and prevent stillbirth. Ana is making a difference for families who have experienced loss and strives to share content in English and Spanish to reach more families with her message.


Lupita is a personal development blogger who inspires others by sharing her story. Lupita shares her healing journey, tips, and motivational messages on her website Lupita is creating change by sharing her immigration story and creating content in English and Spanish to help as many people as possible. 

And Then There’s Me…Wendie V.

What Can You Do? 

Are you thinking you’re just an average person and how can you help change the world? Take the example of the ladies in this blog post. There’s are a few simple steps you can incorporate into your life and work that can help change the world. 

Be An Example

Look for opportunities in your community to be an example. You can help mentor younger workers in your field or speak at a high school about your journey. Being an example isn’t that difficult. It just takes you having the courage to share your story. 

Pinterest pin with Wendie Veloz standing on a wall with overlooking the Potomac river with a white background and black lettering below the photo.

Holding Space for Others

Creating spaces where others can access support, resources or share their story is one way to create an environment for change. In-person events, online workshops, and online communities provide opportunities to hold space for others. What it means to hold space is to create a safe environment for discourse and inclusive conversation.

Make Information More Accessible 

Consider how your information is consumed and find opportunities to share it with a broader audience. That might be by reviewing your pictures for alt-text on all your social and web platforms. You could also share content in Spanish or other languages on your social media channels. Making information more accessible to people who need it can help create equity.

Join The Collective

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Don’t forget, everything you are doing is important! Keep moving forward on your journey and don’t forget what drives you. 

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