Get your 12 Days of Christmas Offerings

Offers will be available until 8/5/22

1st Day of Xmas

Lachelle Adkins America's Super Mom Marketing Plan Offer 12 Days of Christmas- Christmas in July meet and greet

America’s Super Mom
Marketing Strategy

  • 5 months of holiday marketing strategy.
  • Weekly meetings to discuss creative ways to market business and network around the holidays, systems for content strategy and creation, bonus one-hour weekly session on personal development, community of business owners to support your posts/content.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22

2nd Day of Xmas

Own Your Impact Masterclass and Tip Sheet helps you grow stronger connections with your target audience.

Wendie Veloz
Own Your Impact

  • Own your impact: grow your bottom line.
  • Impact tip sheet and 17-minute masterclass. Use your marketing, website, and client relations copy to build connections with your most important audiences. Create tailored solutions for your growth strategy while you connect deeper with your existing audiences.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22

3rd Day of Xmas

Terrell Salley Holliman 7 days of meals "Real Deal" e-Cookbook offer including recipes for all blood types.

Terrell Salley-Holliman
7 Days E-Cookbook

  • 7 Days Real Deal ABO Bloodtype E-Cookbook.
  • Maps 21 meals for an entire week’s healthy eating based on your blood type. Includes recipes for all blood types are designed to help you save time and pump up your energy. This meal plan works for vegans, vegetarians, pescretarians, and carnivores.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22

4th Day of Xmas

La’Quita Monley
Redefining Success

  • Redefining Your Success Kindle
  • Helps you know your identity, understand your purpose, and walk in your destiny. Learn to operate in your place of courage, destiny, and power.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22

5th Day of Xmas

Kimberly Lechnick/
Laura Armstrong
Corp. Women’s Handbook

  • $100 off coupon for the Corporate Woman’s Handbook program.
  • Effective leadership for everyday life, provides women the resources they need to thrive at home and in the workplace. Live a balanced lifestyle in the corporate world.
  • Must be redeemed by 9/8/22

6th Day of Xmas

LaChelle Adkins America's Super Mom Strategy Call offer 12 Days of Christmas- Christmas in July

America’s Super Mom
Strategy Call

  • 90 min session to highlight ways to monetize skills.
  • Create a systems to market your business with power partners, create ways to collaborate with other connections, and create systems for follow-up with leads.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22

7th Day of Xmas

Laura Armstrong shares her insights at the Reel Holiday Christmas in July event.

Laura Armstrong
Get Fine Wine @ Home

  • Delicious fine wines delivered to your door
  • With wine ambassador, you can just be a customer or run a successful business helping others while you enjoy the delicious taste of our wines. Wines are delivered directly from Napa Valley or Sonoma, California to your home through our wine club.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22.

8th Day of Xmas

Wendie Veloz
Impact Strategy Call

  • 60 min session to take charge of your impact strategy.
  • Leverage what you’re already doing to make an impact for more people. This session will show you ways to measure your impact, grow your reach, and connect with your target audiences so you can reach your goals while you grow your organization.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22.

9th Day of Xmas

Terrell Salley-Holliman
Refrigerator Audit Session

  • 90-minute refrigerator audit session
  • Kickstart your healthier holiday season by auditing the foods that do not serve you vs. those that do. Inflammatory foods cheat list, 5-day personalized meal plan. Helps you eat foods according to your bloodtype to boost metabolism, weight loss, & energy.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22.

10th Day of Xmas

La’Quita Monley
45-min Strategy Session

  • 45-min 1:1 private access to LaQuita Monley.
  • Engage in a planning, support & strategy session. Includes 1 Maxwell Method of DISC Assessment.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22.

11th Day of Xmas

LaChelle Adkins America's Super Mom hosts LinkedIn marketing masterclass.

America’s Super Mom
LinkedIn Marketing event

  • Masterclass to learn behind the scenes of an online LinkedIn event. 
  • One time group session for all participants that will discuss strategy and access for collaboration to future events.
  • Must be redeemed by 8/5/22.

12th Day of Xmas

Kimberly Lechnick
Tea & Meditation

  • 60-min group experience for up to 12 people.
  • Includes a 20-min meditation and 1 cup of tea. Gratitude practice and mindful map included in the experience.
  • First 5 people get a bonus tea!


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