Impact-driven Business Coaching: Keep It Movin’ Fitness Studio in Gaithersburg, MD

Client success story:
Keep It Movin’ Fitness Studio in Gaithersburg, MD

This client success story shares the journey of Dante Puchala, a small business owner in Montgomery County, MD.

Keep It Movin’ Fitness Studio is a boutique fitness studio with a family environment where everyone’s goal is to thrive. Read more about Dante’s journey below.

Client success story

Keep It Movin’ Fitness

Impact-Driven Business Coaching

When Dante Puchala, owner of Keep It Movin Fitness, reached out for impact-driven business coaching in November 2022, it was a pleasant surprise. Dante had seen a proposal for small business coaching a few months prior and had decided that it was time to invest in himself and his business.

Dante’s coaching package included support to:

  • Develop a website
  • Listing on Google & Yelp
  • Improve content creation to attract aligned clients.
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Keep It Movin' Fitness studio meeting between Wendie V. and Dante Puchala

Discovery Phase

Every client is taken through a discovery phase that includes an initial call to assess interest and a 90-minute intake call. If the client is located in Montgomery County, Maryland or the greater District/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area, the meeting can be up to 120 minutes in person.

During the discovery phase, it became clear Dante needed to work on a few basics to reach the goal:

  • Create a schedule with time blocks that optimize profit and are sustainable
  • Develop packages of services ready for purchase
  • Offer automated payment options

The Impact-Driven Business Coaching Process

Impact-driven business coaching is for small business owners, like Dante, who make an impact every day through their work.

Co-created Solutions

The impact-driven business coaching process is designed to co-create solutions with social
entrepreneurs, and every 1:1 coaching client sets the intention for their 6-month journey.
The main benefit of having a business coach is the thought partnership experience.
Throughout the coaching process, social entrepreneurs identify their key barriers and solutions,
and often the solutions are within themselves, and the coaching process unlocks the path forward.

To reach Dante’s Goal, we took a few key steps together.

Dante Puchala Keep It Movin' Fitness Client success story

Confidence to Show Up Online

Sometimes creating content and taking photos can be challenging.
If you’ve never had photos taken for your business you might struggle with how to capture images for your website.

Dante needed images for his website but had not experienced a photo shoot before.
We brought in a local photographer to take pictures during one of Dante’s classes and
worked with Dante until he was comfortable in front of the camera.

Keep It Movin' Fitness Services Page with group classes and youth training camps

Thought Partnership to Create Your Pricing and Packages

Not knowing how to price or package your services is a significant challenge.
Impact-driven business coaching gives you the support you need to develop a suite of services that you can deliver with confidence.

Dante’s mindset was initially closed to packages because he was accustomed to selling individual personal training sessions.
This barrier was preventing him from maximizing his impact by leveraging his schedule to the fullest extent.
While still working a 9-5, Dante has limited time to dedicate to his business. That means every appointment slot matters.

Together we developed a set of services and complementary packages that encourage regular customers to commit to their fitness
and commit to attending 1:1 personal training or group classes as recommended to reach their goals.

Keep It Movin' Fitness' final website with client testimonials and before and after photos

Build Your Website With Ease

Starting something new, like a website can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin?
Many people struggle with their website build because they aren’t sure how to get all the information
necessary for a strong online presence.

Impact-driven business coaching helps you sort through the information you have and develop
what you need to be successful online.
You’ll create a website that will connect with your ideal client with the support you need to ensure it gets done.

Dante had no idea what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was before he had a website.
One thing he said was “I want people to be able to find me easily online”.
That meant hiring a website designer, and copywriter, and working directly together to develop the copy and design for his website.
The entire process took about 60 days including the photo shoot.

One of the biggest obstacles to online booking is the booking system, calendar, or payment platform.
Dante’s site uses the GoTeamUp app on the back end to process payments
through Stripe and sell the memberships and packages we created.

Google My Business results for Keep It Movin Fitness

Grow Your Clients Online

Growing an online business can get exhausting. It’s easy to get lost in technology and which solutions work best.
Impact-driven business coaching is for social entrepreneurs who want to grow their influence
online with a strategy that aligns with their values.

Dante’s goals were to have a presence on Yelp and Google that is searchable by people in the
Montgomery County, Gaithersburg, and Germantown, MD areas.

That meant creating online listings, encouraging existing customers to leave reviews, and linking the pages to the website.
Beyond creating Google and Yelp pages, Dante received coaching on video creation, editing, and posting consistently on Instagram.

The reason impact-driven business coaching helps you grow online because strong marketing promotes sustainability.

Client Results

Dante’s 6-month coaching package resulted in some fantastic outcomes:

  • Website launched with 2 blog posts within 60 days
  • Over $8K in revenue was collected through the website in the first 90 days
  • Over 1,200 views on Google and over 1,500 views on Yelp in the first 90 days

Dante’s most important result was retraining his current clients to commit to their fitness while attracting new clients online.

Recent Keep It Movin’ Fitness Videos

Dante is working on creating the type of content that best serves his business goals.
That includes getting more comfortable creating video content.

This video was created as a way to show people how to remain consistent with fitness routines, even at home.

Dante was given a credit in exchange for attending group fitness classes at Keep It Movin’ Fitness.

“Business coaching has helped me structure and organize thoughts and begin to put them into action. Lots of ideas pop
up in this head of mine but they do not always getting executed. Business coaching with Wendie has helped with that.”

— Dante Puchala, Owner Keep It Movin’ Fitnessr

Keep It Movin’ Fitness Tech Stack

Your tech stack is an important part of running an online business or taking payments online.

The Keep It Movin’ Fitness tech stack is designed to help Dante successfully manage his business online without headaches.

  • Website: WordPress
  • Theme: Astra with Elementor
  • Scheduler: GoTeamUp (monthly subscription)
  • Video Editing: CapCut
  • Website Designer: Olivia Rook

Scheduling & Payment Solutions for a Fitness Studio

The biggest challenge was identifying the right payment and scheduling platform for Dante’s website.
There are a lot of scheduling options for small gyms and fitness studios.
After trying several plugins unsuccessfully, Dante decided to pay for a monthly subscription for the GoTeamUp app.

Through GoTeamUp Dante can sell memberships, class packs, and individual sessions all fueled by the same calendar.
This is key so there are no duplicate appointments.

Wendie Veloz standing in front of a red wall laughing and smiling

Impact-Driven Business Coaching

Impact-driven business coaching is for small business owners who make an impact every day through their work.
Working with a coach who understands the unique needs of your business and community can help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about impact-driven business coaching, reach out to Wendie Veloz Enterprises for a consultation.

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