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The Complete Guide to Clubhouse Replays

After this e-course, you will save time repurposing your Clubhouse replays.
Learn how to take your content to the next level by turning your Clubhouse Replays into engaging content for multiple platforms.
Create an entire podcast season in 1 week!

1. Free! REPURPOSING Clubhouse Replays 101

Get the free resource that will show you how to use your Clubhouse content to reach your audience on up to 7 other platforms.

2. Clubhouse repurposing

Solutions E-book

Clubhouse is a great app to share content and expertise. The problem is, the content stays on the platform UNLESS you share it.

Clubhouse has just added the ability to clip 30 seconds of audio when you have clubhouse Replays enabled. Replays provide you with an MP4 video of the room audio with no visuals. Clips provide you with a visual of who is speaking with a graphic of the room participants.

*Always make sure you tell people that the room is recorded and speakers are giving consent to share the audio during your room intro and reset

Learn how to share your social impact message on all your platforms with less work and less time.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • My exclusive content workflow to share your clubhouse audio over 5 different ways
  • Step by step instructions to make an Instagram post and carousel, a SEO-ready blog post, and resources for your existing channels


The Social Impact Level Up Club hosts two weekly rooms on Clubhouse. Get the latest room notes below and join us soon!

Mondays 12 pm ET– Money Mindset & Manifestation Mondays
Wednesdays 4 pm ET– Social Impact Entrepreneur Collective


How to Repurpose Clubhouse Replay Audio on Instagram

This 15-minute free training on YouTube will teach you step-by-step how to repurpose your Clubhouse MP4 Replay into an Instagram post using Canva and Garage Band.

After this video you will be able to:

  • Turn your MP4 audio into MP3 audio
  • Create a 1 minute clip of audio using Garage Band
  • Create a 1 minute video clip using Canva
  • Create a 10 video carousel post for Instagram

Don’t miss the full strategy on how to use this content in the Repurposing Clubhouse Replays E-Book