2022 Learning Events Schedule

Learn skills and solutions designed to help social impact entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders grow their ventures.

These events support 4 learning pillars: Serving With Depth Mindset Blocks/Manifesting, Generating Impact, Strategic Planning

Upcoming Online Learning Events

July 12 & 19th 2022: Turn Idea Into Action

2022 Workshops

You can join a workshop every month to build the skills you need as a world-changing leader. Workshops range from free to $30, depending on the content shared. Recordings are available post-workshop for 30 days. After, they can be accessed in the digital library.

The hardest part of grant writing is putting words to a page. I will teach you an easy framework to understand your impact and translate that into a winning narrative. After this training you’ll feel confident writing your grant application as you describe your need, demonstrate your impact, and convey your expertise. No prior grant writing experience is required, this training is suitable for all experience levels.
Cost: $30

As a helper, you’re probably used to giving everything to everyone else. Who’s taking care of you when you’re not able to take care of everyone else? You must find balance between the roles you play and the impact you want to make in order to thrive.
Sign up for:
-How to develop your own unique wellness recipe
-The 8 dimensions of wellness you need to find balance
-A template to develop your own wellness recipe
Cost: free

You might not know who you serve. You might be serving the wrong people but the thing your people really need. We’ll cover:
-How to determine and describe who you serve
-Worksheet to describe your population of focus
Cost: Free

You might know who you serve, but do you really know their needs? You might be serving the right people but with something they don’t really need. Learn the tricks the pros use to:
-How to understand the people that you serve
-The steps to complete a thorough needs assessment and resource scan
-Access to a digital template to conduct a needs assessment/resource scan
Cost: $30

Setting yourself up for success starts with a good plan. This workshop builds on Strategic Planning 101. You’ll learn advanced skills like:
-What is in a comprehensive strategic plan
-How to develop a comprehensive plan for your organization
-Ways to use a comprehensive planning strategy to grow your programs/services/products
Cost: $25

Coming- August 2022

1 year: 1 social problem to solve
Are you up for the challenge?

By learning my process for creating social change,
you’ll overcome any doubts you can change the world.
All while you get skills that will help you take your business or nonprofit to the next level.

💡 Grant writing
💡 Program development
💡 Holistic wellness support
💡 Growing a sustainable venture
💡 Organizational development
💡 Implementation Bootcamp
💡 Funding plan development
💡Increasing reach/revenue via marketing/social media

Learning Pillars

  • Serving With Depth: where we explore a deeper understanding of human nature and how to serve (depth)
  • Mindset Blocks/Manifesting: how we use our tangible skills to create the life we want
  • Generating Impact: identifying ways to increase our impact and reach more people (breadth)
  • Strategic Planning: setting ourselves up for success by having a map to guide our work and preserve our energy