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Let’s build your skills.

Upcoming Online Learning Events

Learn skills and solutions designed to help social impact entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders grow their ventures.

These events support 4 learning pillars: Serving With Depth Mindset Blocks/Manifesting, Generating Impact, Strategic Planning

You can join a workshop every month to build the skills you need as a world-changing leader. Workshops range from free to $30, depending on the content shared. Recordings are available post-workshop for 30 days. After, they can be accessed in the digital library.

Learn live: Giving 100% to our ideas

Nov 7 @ 8:30 pm ET

Making friends with a new idea is never easy. To give your all, you need to commit to making the idea happen no matter what. Are you ready, willing, and able to commit? Join this LIVE Masterclass!

Giving 100% to our ideas in teal writing on burgundy background with Wendie Veloz in a black and white flower print dress.

Learn live: Risking It All for your passion

Nov 14 @ 8:30 pm ET

By leveraging your passion you can do anything. Would you risk everything in your life for the thing you’re passionate about? Taking off the golden handcuffs so you can follow your passion can seem intimidating. I’ll walk you through what it takes to give your idea everything you have.


Jan 2023 (Date Change!)

Setting yourself up for success starts with a good plan. This workshop builds on Strategic Planning 101. You’ll learn advanced skills like:
-What is in a comprehensive strategic plan
-How to develop a comprehensive plan for your organization
-Ways to use a comprehensive planning strategy to grow your programs/services/products
Cost: $30

Live Workshop Starts
November 16th, 2022

A 5-day LIVE Accelerator to unlock your
best ideas and propel you into action

💡 Attack your mindset barriers head on
💡 Create a badass vision
💡 Find direction and purpose
💡 Translating The Ideas In Your Brain
💡 Take Action

This live workshop is your chance to step out of paralysis and step into the driver’s seat of your own vision.
Take control in time for 2023.

Learning Pillars

  • Serving With Depth: where we explore a deeper understanding of human nature and how to serve (depth)
  • Mindset Blocks/Manifesting: how we use our tangible skills to create the life we want
  • Generating Impact: identifying ways to increase our impact and reach more people (breadth)
  • Strategic Planning: setting ourselves up for success by having a map to guide our work and preserve our energy