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Clubhouse – Social Impact Level Up Club/Wendie V. Moderating Schedule

  • Mondays 2 pm ET: Money Mindset & Manifestation Monday
  • Wednesdays 4 pm ET: Social Impact Entrepreneur Collective

Here’s the Basics You Need to Know…

Repurpose Your Clubhouse Content

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Want to share your social impact message beyond Clubhouse?

Get a free tutorial and workflow to help you share your message beyond your Clubhouse room by using your Clubhouse Replays and my exclusive repurposing strategy.

Are You looking for a grant?

This webinar teaches you my exclusive search methodology.

find the right grant for you

Do the right search to find the right grant for you.

Free tool: Grant Research LIst

Use this free tool to organize your grant search.

Is federal funding a priority?

This webinar teaches you how to use Grants.gov to find federal money.

Search for federal grants fast

Find the right federal grant for your mission.

Learn to track upcoming funds

Get an insider tip to help you track upcoming grants.

Need to plan a grant ASAP?

Learn my exclusive SAVEE framework to help you plan.

align your Vision with funding

Learn how to align your vision with funding opportunities.

Free tool: Vision Worksheet

Use this free tool to organize plan your narrative.