Finding the right type of grant funding for you is a multi-step process. The first step knowing what kinds of grant funding are available and how to search for the best-fitting opportunities. This article gives an overview of common grant funding available for nonprofit organizations. Some grants may be available for businesses, these tips can help small business owners as well.

Types of Grant Funding

Grant funding is a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations and small businesses looking to support their missions and achieve their goals. Grants are financial awards given by governments, foundations, and other organizations to support specific programs or projects.

There are several different types of grant funding available, each with its own unique requirements and criteria for eligibility. This overview improves your understanding of the types of grants so you can find the right ones that will help your organization reach its goals.

Grants typically do not require you to pay them back. Grants are given or awarded based on merit, meeting the requirements, or other criteria set by the funder. To find the right grants you must understand the funder, the type of grant, and the requirements. Some grants may require a match of funds or that you front the costs and be reimbursed from grant funds at a later time. Always look at the details of what you are committing to by accepting the funding.

Common Types of Grant Funding

Here are a few common types of grant funding:

  1. Government grants: These grants are awarded by federal, state, and local governments to support specific programs or projects. Government grants are typically awarded through a competitive process, with applications reviewed by a panel of experts. Funding from the federal government is often given to state and local governments to disseminate through competitive grant award processes. 
  2. Foundation grants: These grants are awarded by private foundations or charitable organizations that provide funding for a wide range of causes. Foundation grants can be general in nature, supporting a variety of programs and projects, or they can be focused on a specific issue or cause. Foundation grants might also focus on a specific geographic area or population within a community. 
  3. Corporate grants: These grants are awarded by corporations to support specific programs or projects. Corporate grants are often focused on causes that align with the company’s values or interests. Corporate grants might be part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio or corporate giving strategy.
  4. Crowdfunding grants: These grants are awarded through online platforms that allow individuals and organizations to raise funds for specific projects or causes. Crowdfunding grants are typically awarded based on the number of people who contribute to the campaign. 

Research the Right Types of Grant Funding for You

When applying for grant funding, it’s important to carefully research the different types of grants available and choose the ones that are the best fit for your organization and your project. To get awarded, you must read and follow the application instructions and provide detailed information about your organization and your project. 

Specificity helps you increase your chances of being awarded a grant. The better you can describe how your project or organization is the best fit the more likely you are to get funded. Deliver specific information about your ability to build a successful and sustainable initiative.

Don’t forget, grant opportunities open every year. If you are not ready this year, try again the following year when you are ready. You can always learn from your past grant application submissions to inform your future competitions.

Types of grant funding alignment graphic shows how your grant funder and your goals must align during the grant writing process.

Find The Right Grant For Your Organization

Grant funding is a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations and small businesses looking to support their missions and achieve their goals. By understanding the different types of grants available and carefully researching and applying for grants, you can access the funding you need to make a positive impact on your community.

Look for funding that aligns your vision with the vision your funder is offering. By committing to grant-funding projects that further your mission and don’t stretch your organization too thin you can achieve sustainable results.

Learn more about building sustainable programs and organizations here. You can also learn more about coordinated funding strategies here.

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