local/state/federal grant writing course

Increase Your Confidence to Secure the Funding You Need

When it comes to grant writing, confidence is key. The Idea 2 Impact course will boost your confidence and equip you with the skills and strategies needed to write effective grant proposals.

Learn the Skills and Strategies to Write Effective Grant Proposals


In this eight-week online program, we cover the entire strategic plan for writing grants. From crafting a compelling needs statement to defining vision, goals, objectives, evaluation, and more! There are no secrets here!

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This hybrid course will teach you everything you need to know about crafting a grant proposal worth millions.





Develop your grant writing skills with interactive exercises, engaging lectures, and insightful discussions, ensuring you understand how to research and write your specific program or service effectively.

  • 12 hours of live instruction
  • 8 pre-recorded modules
  • Workshop your proposal live each week
  • Templates, slides, worksheets, and video replays

No experience necessary.

No prior grant writing experience is needed, although it certainly can’t hurt. This course is not for grant writers.

It is for organizations with an impact mission who want sustainable grant writing capacity in-house.

Simplifying grant writing.

Grant writing is stressful enough. Learn the shortcuts that speed up your information gathering, writing, and idea refining so you can focus on getting the highest score possible.

Here’s a hint: This course shows you how to leverage Artificial Intelligence and online tools to make yourself a better grant writer.

Getting funding made easier.

This course focuses on the foundational to advanced grant writing skills and knowledge. We go beyond the basics to teach you what grant reviewers at all levels are looking for.

This isn’t just a grant readiness course. This is a workshop where you will create an application in real time for a federal, state, or local competition. You choose your own adventure.

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Want to create multi-million dollar programs but not sure what to do?

You don’t know what you don’t know. Strategy is all about making things that were fuzzy or lacked specificity more concrete.
Grant reviewers love specificity. By the end of this workshop you will have the details and skills necessary to:
  • Draft a grant proposal rubric to help you with future grants
  • Receive feedback from peers and the instructor on your work
  • Draft a budget, budget narrative, and logic model with templates
  • Understand how funders and reviewers think and what they look for
  • Explore local, state, and federal funding for your specific issue
  • Clarify the funding strategy that will work best for your organization

Empowering you to go beyond grant writing. This course teaches you to write grants, implement them effectively, and sustain your work.

Expert support to help you grow.

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Meet Your Instructor- Wendie Veloz

Have you ever wished you had an inside track to understanding the grant writing process? Wondered what it takes to stand out in a sea of applications? Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to reveal all those secrets and more!

With over 15 years of experience in the field, I’ve been the mastermind behind successful multi-million dollar grant programs. I’ve managed grants, overseen competitions, and even created programs from scratch. As a seasoned grant reviewer, I know exactly what funders are looking for and how they think.

But my expertise doesn’t stop there. I now use my wealth of knowledge to empower clients like you to implement sustainable strategies for social change. I specialize in untangling the complexities of federal, state, and local funding, creating synergy to solve even the most complex problems.

What sets this course apart is its unique approach. Unlike anything else on the market, it focuses on what you need to do in advance, even before securing funding. I’ll equip you with the tools and techniques to be fully prepared to put that money into action once you’ve secured it.

If you’re ready to develop sustainable grant writing capacity in your organization, I’m here to make it happen. I offer you access to the very tools that are typically reserved for grantees only after they’ve received funding. These are the same proven methods I’ve successfully taught to new grantees and my own team as a funder.

Together, we’ll work towards reaching your funding goals and creating a lasting impact. Get ready to unlock the secrets of effective grant writing and secure the support your organization deserves.

Looking forward to guiding you on this transformative journey. Let’s make your funding dreams a reality!

Session Outline

Each week a pre-recorded lesson is available on Sundays.
Live sessions are held Thursdays via Zoom.

Master the Basics

Learn the foundational principles of grant writing, including what funders are looking for: how to articulate your project’s purpose and objectives, write a needs statement, and develop a compelling narrative. By the end of this week, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the key components that make a successful grant proposal.

  • Understand the importance of grant writing and its role in securing sustainable funding for your short and long-term goals
  • Identify the key elements of a grant proposal and what funders are looking for
  • How to read a funding opportunity announcement (RFA/FOA/NOFO)
  • Introduction to live session participating organizations
  • Advanced foundation building: preparing for implementation and sustainability

Funding at every level

This week, you will learn about local, state, and federal grants and how to assess the opportunities available to you. By the end of this module, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the federal grant landscape, how to navigate grants.gov, and how to assess the eligibility and fit of different grant programs.

  • The basics of federal funding appropriations and how money flows to state and local levels
  • How to search for federal and state grants and know if you are eligible
  • Understand the significance of federal grants in funding large-scale sustainable projects
  • Evaluate grant eligibility criteria and identify the best-fit opportunities for your project
  • Assess the requirements and guidelines of federal grant programs
  • Align your project with the priorities of federal funding agencies
  • Advanced search: Navigate grants.gov and other resources to find relevant grant opportunities

Sustainability from the start

This week, you will learn how to assess the needs of your target population and community so you can create a project plan that is sustainable. By the end of this module, you will be able to conduct a needs assessment and resource scan for a funding opportunity.

  • Conduct a needs assessment and environmental scan to identify community needs
  • Articulate the problem or opportunity your project addresses through a needs statement
  • Identify potential partnerships and collaborations that can support the sustainability of your project
  • Ensure your organization is ready, willing, and able to handle rapid growth and grant management
  • Incorporate sustainability principles into your project plan
  • Prepare for the challenges of implementation
  • Advanced skill development: Using your needs, resources, and gaps to identify your population of focus and catchment area

Transformational narratives get funded

This week you will focus on developing a compelling narrative for your grant proposal that tells the story of your project and engages funders. By the end of this week, you will begin to craft a narrative that showcases the potential impact of your project and captures the attention of funders.

  • Understand the purpose of a narrative in a grant proposal
  • Begin developing a project plan that includes clear goals, objectives, and outcomes
  • Identify the key elements of a compelling narrative
  • Articulate the problem or opportunity your project addresses through a needs statement connected to your project plan
  • Use storytelling techniques to engage funders and capture their attention
  • Showcase your organization’s capacity to ensure the outcomes are reached
  • Incorporate evidence and data to support your narrative
  • Advanced narrative development: plain language principles for clarity and brevity

Create sustainable and actionable strategies

This week, you will learn how to create effective programs using evidence-based strategies. By the end of this module, you will develop a program or set of strategies that are tailored to your target population, incorporate evidence-based practices (EBP), and align with the goals and objectives of your ideal funder.

  • Understand the importance of evidence-based programs
  • Identify evidence-based strategies that are relevant to your project
  • Develop a program that is tailored to your target population
  • Learn Idea Surgery to align your program goals, objectives, and activities
  • Advanced EBP strategies: fidelity, efficacy & adaptations

Master-level budgeting

In this module, you’ll learn how to develop a comprehensive budget and budget narrative for your grant proposal. By the end of this week, you’ll have the skills to create a realistic and compelling budget that aligns with your project’s goals and effectively communicates the financial needs of your initiative.

  • Understand the importance of a well-planned budget in grant proposals
  • Identify the key components of a budget and budget narrative
  • Develop a realistic budget that accurately reflects the financial needs of your project
  • Align your budget with the goals and objectives of your grant proposal
  • Craft a budget narrative that effectively communicates the financial aspects of your project
  • Advanced budgeting considerations: multiple funding streams, partners, in-kind/match requirements, and indirect cost

Implement for outcomes

This week, you will delve into the critical aspects of evaluation, getting to outcomes, and logic models in grant proposals. By the end of this module, you will have the knowledge and tools to design an effective evaluation statement, articulate the outcomes of your project, and create a logic model that showcases the logical progression of your activities and expected results.

  • Understand the importance of evaluation in grant-funded projects
  • Develop clear goals, objectives, and outcomes that align with the funder’s priorities
  • Design an evaluation statement that aligns with the goals and objectives of your project and funder
  • Articulate the desired outcomes and impacts of your project
  • Advanced skills: Develop a logic model that demonstrates the logical progression of activities and expected results

Final details matter

In this final module, you’ll learn about the submission process, scoring criteria, and additional elements that can enhance the strength of your grant proposal. By the end of this week, you will have the knowledge and insights to navigate the final steps of the grant writing process, increase your proposal’s chances of success, and avoid common errors.

  • Understand the submission process for grant proposals
  • Learn about the scoring criteria used by grant reviewers
  • Incorporate additional elements such as letters of support and appendices to strengthen your proposal
  • Prepare for potential post-submission opportunities, such as post-award calls or site visits
  • Gain insights into effective strategies for follow-up and post-award management
  • Receive feedback from peers on your grant submission
PerCella Zeno, nonprofit founder and social entrepreneur is a repeat coaching and consulting client

“What sets you apart is your ability to share a wealth of unique strategies, tips, and insights that I believe most grant writers wouldn’t know.”

PerCilla Zeno, Zeno Wellness Group

Weekly Schedule

To be successful in this course, participants are asked to commit to a weekly schedule throughout the 8 weeks.
The weekly schedule requires study time, a live lesson, and a recorded video lesson.

Sunday: Weekly lesson released
Thursday: Live Zoom session 7-8:30 pm ET
Weekly homework assignments due Thursday 8 am ET

You are only encouraged to apply to this course if you can commit up to 12 hours per week to:

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Live 90-minute Weekly Sessions

Weekly 90-minute live sessions share more complex and deeper knowledge about the theme. These sessions augment the material shared in the weekly sessions and offer a chance for questions & answers on the spot.

Course participants report back on homework assignments and demonstrate progress with the course during live sessions. Replays of missed sessions are available.

Wendie Veloz Enterprises helps female entrepreneurs grow online and make a bigger impact.

Recorded Video Lessons

Weekly recorded video lessons teach core concepts of grant writing and are essential to the learning experience. Participants are expected to watch the video lesson prior to attending the weekly live session.

Recorded videos are released each Sunday and must be watched by Thursday’s session.

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Weekly homework reinforces core concepts, helps identify questions, and is how participants apply the knowledge in real time. Each week your homework assignments help you build a grant application template to use in the future.

Participants are required to commit to the time it will take to do the homework each week.

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Idea 2 Impact: The Art of Sustainable Grant Writing

8-week live course with recorded modules to help you prepare for writing, implementing, and sustaining a grant.

  • Workshop a mock grant proposal with your peers
  • Learn the secrets that funders and grant reviewers can’t tell you
  • Understand how to leverage federal, state, and local funding to support your best work yet
  • Get the practice you need to confidently pursue funding


Here are a few common things you might be wondering about.

Yes. You will receive a certificate upon completion if you attend 80% of the live workshops and complete all the homework assignments.

This course is tailored for nonprofit, community, and social service organization employees who want to build internal capacity and have decision-making power. While grant writers can learn from the content, having an organization to use as a case study during the course is required.

Yes. The course is sold on a per-seat basis. You can buy as many seats as you need. Each session has a set capacity of 15 workshop members to ensure the best learning conditions possible.

No, it is course does not offer open enrollment. You cannot start and complete it at any time. It is facilitated by a live instructor with assignments and due dates for homework assignments.

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Depending on your experience and writing style, you should expect approximately 10-12 hours per week of coursework including live instruction, video lessons, and writing time.

You do not need to be the lead grant writer or have experience. The material taught in this course is self-contained. Meaning, you do not need any prior experience.

This course is for people who are new to grants or have some understanding of the basics. However, advanced concepts are applied throughout and attendance at every session is recommended if you have limited experience.

No, you are not required to have an established nonprofit to take this course. However, to complete the required assignments you must have identified a nonprofit and know its work intimately or be in the process of planning your own organization.