Looking for the right grant is like a needle in a haystack. You might find something interesting only to discover you don’t qualify to even apply.

Signing up for email lists is a great option to learn about grant opportunities in your field. But what else can you do? If you are looking for nonprofit grants or other types of grants, this information is all you need to get started.

As I explain in my Free Webinar- 3 Secrets to Finding Grant Funding, there are 10 ways to search for grants using a methodical approach.

Check out this clip from the training where I explain why this is important for your research during your online grant writing. 

So what are the 10 search terms? Here you go! I’m sharing them for free so you can refer back to them any time you need to update your grant search.

10 Grant Search Terms You Need NOW!

  • Your cause + grants
  • Your cause + money
  • Your cause + funding
  • Federal grant + your cause
  • Micro grants + cause
  • Your location + cause + funding
  • Your location + cause + grant
  • Foundation + location + cause
  • Grants for + cause + year
  • Money for + cause + location

Where to now?

For the full explanation of how to use these search terms to develop your methodology, sign up for the free webinar! In this 45-minute class, you will learn how to search for grant funding to support the cause you are passionate about. 

I share 3 secrets that will help you do develop a research methodology that you can use again and again to find MORE grant opportunities that you actually qualify for.

Google is Your Friend

As I explained in the webinar, searching for grants requires you to put in effort and time. The 10 search terms above are not an all-inclusive list that guarantees you will find a grant you qualify for.

Rather, this is a list of search terms for you to use as a starting point to inspire your research. Once you have found a set of search terms that work for your niche/cause, write those terms down and repeat your search once a quarter.

Document Your Results

When you sign up for the 3 Secrets to Finding Grant Funding training you get access to the Grant Research List. This tool will help you keep your searches organized and keep track of opportunities you intend to apply for. Free grant writing training is hard to come by so take advantage of this freebie!

Learn More

Look at the free resources available to help you plan for a grant application. You can take a class or sign up for the next Level Up Accelerator!

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