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Which Level Up Accelerator is Right For You?

Live Monthly Workshops

Each monthly workshop gives you the support and community you need to create the social impact and profit you are manifesting.

This manifestation workshop teaches you my exclusive planning techniques that will help you turn your ideas into action. Live workshops are especially beneficial for anyone who needs extra support and motivation to level up.

  • Clarify your vision, breakdown mindset barriers, and recharge your wellness in Workshop 1
  • Translate your ideas into action in Workshop 2 by creating a 12-week plan and a digital vision board
  • Get live feedback on your vision and action plan from the collective
  • Includes 5 digital templates to make your life easier
  • Invitation to join the private Facebook group
  • 2 sound bath guided meditation videos

At Your Pace E-Course

This manifestation e-course allows you to work through the components of the accelerator at your own pace and includes an invitation to join the private online community.

Designed for the busy social entrepreneur, the e-course gives you the flexibility to work through each growth session as your schedule allows. This DIY option is the ultimate flexibility and value.

  • Clarify your vision, breakdown mindset barriers, and recharge your wellness in Workshop 1
  • Translate your ideas into action in Workshop 2 by creating a 12-week plan and a digital vision board
  • Includes 5 digital templates to make your life easier
  • Invitation to join the private Facebook group
  • 2 sound bath guided meditation videos

Image of course offerings with 12 week plan digital vision board and the SAVEE framework depicted in various Apple products


DATES: 2nd & 3rd Tuesday each month (6-9 pm ET)*
Manifestation meeting: 3rd Thursday (7-8:30 pm ET)*

TOOLS INCLUDED: 12 Week Planning Tool & Digital Vision Board Template

2022 Accelerator Live Workshop Schedule

Enrollment Closed

Enrollment Closed

Workshop 1: July 12, 2022, 6 pm – 9 pm ET
Workshop 2: July 19, 2022, 6 pm – 9 pm ET
Manifestation Meeting: July 21, 2022, 7 – 8:30 pm ET



So many non-profits and businesses skip straight to the doing and forget about the planning. Planning for sustainability from the beginning of your venture is how your dream becomes a reality.

98% of companies don’t meet their social impact goals.


Because they didn’t have a sustainable plan

Looking over the shoulder of a man and woman sitting in a room with wooden floors while working

This manifestation accelerator is for you if you…

  • Need to fight overwhelm and burnout
  • Are worried about how to grow or create your social impact venture
  • Have existing pieces of programs or businesses that are disjointed
  • Love the vision in your head but you don’t know how to actualize it
  • Believe that you can manifest your dreams
  • Wrestle with too many ideas to find a path forward


Here’s an Overview of What We’ll Accomplish in Just 3 Workshops

1. Workshop 1: Clarify YOUR VISION

Workshop 1 focuses on your vision. We start by exploring your past and mindset barriers that may be holding you back. Next, we develop solutions and strategies that will help you keep your work and personal life peacefully co-existing.

You’ll learn how to create your unique wellness recipe and explore the roots of your limiting beliefs with the accelerator workbook.

2. Workshop 2: PLAN YOUR ACTIONS

In Workshop 2, you get access to my exclusive framework for planning and organizing ideas.

Together we transform your vision into action. We’ll hone your ideas, organize them, and wrangle them into a plan that will lead you to success. This is where the magic happens.

The live workshop includes hands-on instruction to develop your own 12-week plan, digital vision boards, and other tools.

The e-course gives you access to videos that will walk you through using the tools and developing a 12-week plan.
Don’t worry you won’t miss any of the fun in the e-course.

3. Motivation / Manifestation Meeting: Recieve & Build Community

In the Motivation & Manifestation Meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to give and receive feedback on your vision and plan moving forward. This meeting is time for our collective to come together and help each other rise.

You’ll also get access to 2 guided meditations to add to your manifestation toolbelt.

Warning: Working With Me Will Change You


Wendie V.’s Story

From Lack of Confidence to Boss

Woman with dark hair sitting outside at a metal table with her legs crossed wearing black boots, jeans, and a burgundy blazer

I’m here to help you create the conditions that will make you successful. I do that by leveraging my 15 years of experience giving valuable technical assistance and coaching to businesses, non-profits, and government organizations.

I created over $35 million dollars of social programs that directly benefited communities across the U.S. and beyond.

Unfortunately, resources like technical assistance aren’t available to organizations and business owners who do not have grant funding.

That’s why I created this pilot program. I am making coaching, consulting, and technical assistance available to help social entrepreneurs like you.

I’m here to help you unlock your vision, clarify your plan, and when you are ready… scale your success.

But I know you need more than technical help. You need support, accountability, and a community of high-achieving peers.

I will also teach you how to maintain your well-being so you can continue doing what you do best… serve others.

I use all the tools in my toolbox to support you, including wellness coaching, energy healing through reiki, manifestation and mindset hacks, sound healing, crystal healing, and meditation.


Get your entire vision out of your head, organize it, and plan your steps to success in less than 1 workday.

Now picture that, plus moving past your money mindset problems…
On top of all of that… getting skills to boost your self-care.

African American woman with long hair and gold hoop earrings wearing a blue shit with a jean jacket holding a popped collar in each hand walking down the street.

Are You Ready to Get Clarity and Plan Your Actions?

Starting or expanding a social impact venture can be frustrating.

Businesses and non-profits both require a strong vision and endurance for the long haul.

Starting something new is never easy.

The only way to get to the finish line and beyond is to sit solidly in your vision, plan, and be ready to implement your next steps.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

– Gloria Steinem

African American woman sitting in front of a low table with a computer on it wearing a black blazer, jeans and a grey t-shirt.

Sustainability takes up-front work. You can’t simply wake up one day with a sustainable business or non-profit… or even a sustainable program or product.

The first step to being ready for funding is planning. And that’s what we’re going to do.

As a group, we will work together to take the ideas out of our brains, map them onto a vision, and develop a sustainable plan to move forward.

Through group accountability, support,
and collaboration we will all level up, together.

Amazing Coach

Wendie is really good at working with people. She cares and it really shows in every aspect of her work.
Monchelynn Carbajal


Since this is a pilot program, you likely have some questions. Here are some FAQs that you might be thinking about.

Two seats are reserved for non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs of color who cannot afford the full cost of the live workshop but are ready to level up. Apply for the scholarship using the button below.

The vision work we will do together is not your vision statement. It’s the vision you are manifesting right now. We will dig into your individual vision and the collective group vision. We will energetically call these visions into reality in each session through meditation and visualization.

Many coaches are not trained specifically to address the challenges that social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders have. I have worked on numerous causes, and helped hundreds of leaders just like you to make the biggest impact possible. This accelerator is the first step in our journey together where I help you hone your vision and use your energy to your advantage.

Yes. Once you finish the accelerator, you will be invited to share the program with your friends. You’ll receive a coupon code they can use for 10% off.

Before you can apply for funding, you need to be settled in your vision. This workshop will help you better define what is in and what is out. When you apply for funding, you’ll be better suited to describe what you plan to do with the money.
In the Level Up Accelerator, I’m teaching you the first steps of the grant-writing process that I have successfully used for years.

The SAVEE framework is my way to simplify the planning process you use to be grant-ready. The SAVEE framework is your shortcut to translating your vision into a plan. This is the bridge between the visioning work in Workshop 1 and the Planning work in Workshop 2.