Learn to Manifest Your Dream Life in 5 Steps Just for Social Entrepreneurs Like You!

Every week social entrepreneurs like yourself are meeting on Clubhouse for Money Mindset and Manifestation Monday. The goal is to start a dialogue about mindset and manifestation that is unique to people who aren’t motivated by money. Anyone can become a money mindset entrepreneur, with a few tricks and good habits.

That might seem odd, but the reality is… money is energy and energy is what is needed to change the world. So we’re going to need money to make social change and even individual change. 

To prep for this room, I looked up a few articles that I liked as a framework. This article won: “How to Manifest Money Effortlessly In 2021 – 5 Step Formula” from theSpiritNomad.com.  

The 5 Step Formula is an excellent framework for how to organize your thoughts around this topic.

In this post you will learn about manifesting for social entrepreneurs: 

  • Steps you can take to manifest abundance as a social entrepreneur
  • Examples from entrepreneurs of how they take daily actions to manifest and maintain a high-vibe mindset
  • How reiki energy healing can help you with your manifesting and money mindset
  • How to join more conversations and get more resources on manifesting and mindset work for social entrepreneurs
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What’s the 5-Step Formula to Quickly Manifest Money?

Are you looking for a framework to help you manifest abundance for you and your social cause? According to SpiritNomad.com, 5 steps you can take to manifest money are: 

  • Kiss your limited beliefs goodbye
  • Fake it til’ you make it
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Take inspired action toward your goal
  • Bring in the love frequency

The article goes on to describe each of these steps and actions you can take to manifest your dreams. 

For social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders, these steps can help you manifest abundance for yourself AND the social cause you are passionate about. 

Social Impact Level Up Club Breakdown

The very first Mindset and Manifesting Money Clubhouse room attracted expert manifesters who are well advanced on their journey to the dream life they desire. Here are some highlights from the conversation related to the 5-Step Formula to Quickly Manifest Money.

Our conversation took its own flavor, so I recategorized the 5 steps to more closely align with what the club members discussed.

1: Moving beyond your limiting beliefs

Mindset is everything when you are manifesting abundance. If you have a lack mindset and feel like you can’t do something, you may be limiting your ability to see your options clearly. There may be there are other options you are blind to because of your beliefs. 

Three actions you can take to overcome your limiting beliefs are: 

  • Stop worrying about money because it will manifest itself. Focus on recognizing the opportunities to bring the abundance you seek into your life.
  • Identify and change old mindset patterns. Maintain a growth mindset by continually being open to new opportunities and new solutions. 
  • When you face challenges, know that you have many potential solutions. Explore them before deciding and you may be surprised how many more options exist.

2: Live as if it already exists

Begin living with self-awareness & self-dedication. Create a vision for your life, what do you want to achieve in life, in business, and how you feel. When manifesting things we want to attract, it is important to know what your ideal reality looks, feels, and smells like. 

It is important to make space for the parts of yourself that feel like you don’t deserve those things, or that they’re reserved for other people. You do deserve it! And in order to get it… you have to live like you already have it. 

Create a clear vision for your lifestyle. Ask yourself “What do I want my lifestyle to look like?” 

3: Be high vibe

When you are opening in a low-vibe space or with low-vibrational energy, you could get stuck in a space of stagnation. You may be cutting yourself off from self-development, manifestation, and magnetic power to attract the things you want. 

If the flow of energy is obstructed, the things you’re trying to attract won’t be able to come to you. 

Easy ways to raise your vibration: 

  • Check-in with your body and explore what you’re feeling. If you feel anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, or other low-vibrational feelings… explore them further.
  • Work with crystals, energy healing, or other modalities that help align your chakras. 
  • Book a session with an energy healer to help you clear past trauma or generational traumas that may be blocking your ability to heal and manifest your dreams.

4: Actions first, results follow

Invest your time wisely and with intention. How you spend your time matters. In order to reach your goals, you have to act. Taking action shows the universe what it needs to bring to you and helps direct the energy toward your vision and goal.

Remove your need to control results and for efficiency. We don’t control results, we can only control our actions. The results come on their own from the actions we take. Sometimes those actions won’t be the most efficient way to do things. That’s ok. Keep taking inspired action. 

When you do the work you need to release the tendency to want to control the result. You must trust that the universe will give you what you need. Your job is to Exchange energy in a way that will produce a favorable result, thus helping you reach your goal. 

5: Expressing love through gratitude and self-awareness

Money is an energy exchange. The more we give, the more we gain in return. When you give freely as much as possible you can trust that the universe will return your energy. Giving is an expression of love, which is the highest vibrational frequency. 

Of course, expressing love and gratitude requires some work on your part. Self-awareness is important to know what is residing in your heart and mind. Doing shadow work, learning what spirituality means for you, and how that is related to your self-development are all ways you can be in a place to live with love and intention. 

Manifesting is also about how you’re open to receiving. Learning to receive is just as important as learning to trust. 

Reiki Energy Healing For Abundance

Reiki energy healing is a great practice to help you be in a place of energetic alignment and ready to love and receive. If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, check out this Instagram post. 

Reiki helps clear energetic blockages by directing healing energy from the universe through intention. Reiki can help with physical ailments that are resulting from energetic blockages or past traumas. In terms of manifesting, a reiki session can be a conduit for messages, healing, and provide clarity if needed.

You can also book a 1:1 reiki energy healing session with me where I can help you work through your energetic blockages so you can keep your manifesting energy strong. 

Read the inspiration article at TheSpiritNomad.com

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