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Our Mission

The Social Impact Level Up Podcast helps entrepreneurs and founders with a mission for profit driven by impact. We help you explore growth mindset, entrepreneurship, collective impact, mission-driven organizations, social issues, sustainability, wellness, skill building, and holistic business practices.

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Here’s What We Talk About​

If you’re into podcasts about doing good, you’re in the right place!

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Knowledge to grow social impact organizations.

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Real challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurs.​

Wellness for entrepreneurs


Putting your wellness first so you can serve your purpose.​

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Tips and techniques to make an impact with ease.​

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Meet the Host Wendie Veloz​

My why is simple. I’ve been called to create mass change and I won’t stop until I do. I want to be part of the change you are trying to create by working with you to get to outcomes for real people.

My success came from years of mastering how to take advantage of programs, services, and funding. Now it’s my turn to give back. The information we share on the Social Impact Level Up Podcast is FREE to our listeners as a resource and gift of gratitude.

This podcast challenges the traditional views of business and capitalism by demonstrating how making change can fuel revenue.

Learn More About Wendie

Coach & Technical Expert

15 years of experience growing social impact programs and services

Executive Coach

Supports non-profits and business leaders to implement multi-million dollar initiatives.

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“I love Wendie’s approach to sharing knowledge and helping innovators drive change for the betterment of our world!”

“I recently found this Podcast and I love with their mission to inspire other entrepreneurs to grow and give back to their community. As a mom and entrepreneur I love listening to others experiences and see their passion for what they do.

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Learn More About Our Guests

  • Season 2

“What do you think a kid born to two high school parents, a drug dealer, a pastor, a D-one athlete, a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, founder of a company, and a professional speaker. All have in common?”

Transforming leaders with real talk.

  • Season 2

“I think I am a voice at the table and have a perspective that other folks don’t have, and when I started to identify that as a major distinguisher, That was both part of my lived experience and a sort of a cultural competency and a cultural fluency, and that swag, I was like, wait a minute, you know? I think I found my love language.”

Transforming corporate citizenship and communities.

  • Season 2

“I didn’t come from money, I didn’t come from wealth. We didn’t have money conversations around the, um, cable. and I think that it was a gift and a curse in many, in many ways as I went, along in my journey to become an adult. Because a part of my, that lack of financial literacy foundation really came into a negative, downturn because I eventually became homeless, with two children.”

Overcoming adversity to transform others financially.

  • Season 2

“I think social enterprise owners, founders, leaders, um, Always have a strategy, but sometimes in their head, you know, and it’s maybe quite vague or they’ve got a very clear vision, they have very clear ideas about how they want to run their business and operationalize, um, their social impact and value.”

Clarifying impact ideas to transform the world.

We Take Our Guests Seriously

The voices we choose to elevate not only make an impact but also help transform the way we think about the subject areas we cover.

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