Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Energy When You and Your Customer Don’t Vibe

As a social entrepreneur, you must protect your energy when working with customers so you don’t go down a rabbit hole of bad vibes if you and a customer do not agree. You can preserve your energy to serve more people by:

  1. Knowing Your Worth
  2. Knowing Your People
  3. Knowing Your Boundaries

Top 3 Ways to Preserve Your Energy When You Can’t Compromise with a Customer

Every entrepreneur has had a moment when you’ve thought “I can’t help this person” or “I’m done helping this person” or “This person is NOT right and I’m stuck between here and the customer is always right”. As a successful social entrepreneur, you must preserve your energy so you can serve as many people as possible.

There are inevitably times when you and your customer do not work well together. You might have different interests, price points, scopes of work, or even personality types. 

There are a lot of reasons why you and your customer might not be meshing well together. 

Step 1: Know Your Worth

Doubt is a heavy feeling. In social entrepreneurship, there are many things that can create doubt. 

Questions like “Will I be able to make a meaningful impact?” or “Will anyone care about this as much as I do?” and “How do I lift my community and make money at the same time?”. 

Focusing on what you are worth and demonstrating that is important. When someone questions your worth and is argumentative with you, it can be difficult to continue to stand behind your product or service and your value. 

It’s up to you to value yourself because people will expect a free product or service, to trade, or request a refund. When you let others start setting your value for you, they will inherently set it at a place that is reasonable to them. Which might not be reasonable to you. 

In these situations, your customer may not know your years of experience, your educational background, or be taking into consideration all of the work you did to get to where you are today. 

Step 2: Know Your People

When you are struggling to see eye to eye with the people you’re working with, it’s difficult to walk away if you’re committed to the sale. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to choose who you do business with. 

You need to be unapologetic for telling people (nicely) that you do not want to work with them if they do not share your principles and values. The adage “The customer is always right” is different when your customer is trashing your reputation unjustly or is expecting a refund unfairly. 

In some cases, the customer might not be right. It is possible that you will need to fire clients for the benefit of your own energy and reputation. 

A better approach is to know your people and focus your energy on those who you want to serve.

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Step 3: Know Your Boundaries

We all are made of energy and we only have a finite amount. Each day when you decide how to expend your energy you make decisions that will drain or energize you. 

Choose to work with people and activities that fulfill you and are a good use of your energy (and time).  

Setting boundaries might look like being firm with your time commitments or saying no to invitations. Customers who argue with you about pricing is an excellent example of a time to practice setting boundaries.

Protecting your energy will require you to set boundaries and stick to them. 

Preserve Your Energy

Taking care of your well-being ensures you can take care of others and make the impact you seek. 

Learning to harness your energy takes practice and guidance. When you protect your energy you can dedicate it to getting closer to your goals.

Protect Your Energy with Mantras

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