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  • Find Your Wellness Recipe Worksheet


    The Find Your Wellness Recipe worksheet shows you how to develop your unique Wellness Recipe. When you have a Wellness Recipe you can face any challenge life brings you with confidence.

    This 4-page worksheet helps you:

    • Set wellness goals
    • Create a foundation for your well-being
    • Grow and expand your wellness practices
  • Social Entrepreneur Basics Bundle


    The primary purpose of this bundle is to get social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders started on impact-driven planning. Once you understand these fundamentals, you’ll be ready to share this information with potential funders. Venture capitalists, grant-making organizations, clients, and donors love to hear about your impact.

    This bundle is for non-profit leaders and social entrepreneurs in the start-up to growth phase. Jump-start your social impact venture or non-profit with 3 essential courses and 2 templates.

    You’ll have resources to:

    • Recharge your well-being so you can continue serving others
    • Develop a strategic plan for the next year and quarter
    • Determine how you make an impact and set targets for growth
    • Learn how to plan a grant using my SAVEE framework

    This bundle gives you everything you need to develop a strategic plan and use my exclusive Trello 12-week planning template. Learn to track your impact and share that information with important stakeholders. You’ll also get resources to develop your unique Wellness Recipe so you can continue serving others.


  • Social Entrepreneur Trello Board 12-Week Plan Template


    This board is loaded with checklists and ideas for every step of your social business or non-profit creation journey.

    If you are creating a new service, product, business, or non-profit organization this board is for you!

    The Social Entrepreneur Trello Board 12-Week Plan Template includes:

    • 12 weeks of checklists to help social entrepreneurs get the most important tasks checked off
    • Wellness and goal setting cards guide you to find balance as you enact your vision
    • Celebrate your progress with a built-in wins tracker