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Find Your Wellness Recipe

Find balance for yourself so you can serve others.

This 4-page worksheet gives you a step-by-step guide to rejuvenate your well-being routine.

Learn, grow, and thrive with this easy-to-follow template.

Clubhouse Repurposing Solutions E-Book

Repurpose your Clubhouse replays to save you time and energy.

Create content for up to 6 platforms from one Clubhouse room. This e-book outlines the steps to create short and long-form content from your Clubhouse replays.

Social Entrepreneur Trello Board Template

Create your own 12-week plan with a planning tool designed for social entrepreneurs.

This board is loaded with checklists and ideas for every step of your social business or non-profit creation journey.

Join a Challenge

Change the World Challenge

Change the world in only 3 days!

This video challenge gives you 5 inspired actions you can take today to start changing the world.


Social Entrepreneur
Basics Bundle

Jump-start your social impact venture or non-profit with 3 essential courses and 2 templates.

This bundle gives you everything you need to develop a strategic plan and use my exclusive Trello 12-week planning template.

Learn to track your impact and share that information with important stakeholders.

Recharge your well-being by developing your unique Wellness Recipe.