S1E31- Manifesting Your Ideal Client (Pt 1- Authenticity)

This is a super juicy two-part conversation about finding and connecting with the people you absolutely love to serve. If you’re struggling to figure this out- this episode is MAJORLY FOR YOU.  Experienced and new social entrepreneurs talk about how connecting with the right people to serve is an essential part of any business or nonprofit. The gems in these two episodes are unreal, do not miss a minute! 

In this episode, our community pours into you with:

  • The ABCs of showing up authentically
  • Essential actions like following-up 
  • The power of visioning
  • Focusing on serving and connecting vs. selling

Join like-minded social impact entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders as we discuss this and other social issues, business, and opportunities for collaboration.

Hosts & Speakers:

*This episode features members of the Social Impact Level Up Collective discussing their personal stories, businesses, and perspectives.

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Intro & Outro – Wendie Veloz

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