S1E31- Manifesting Your Ideal Client (Pt 1- Integrity & Alignment)

This is a super juicy two-part conversation about finding and connecting with the people you absolutely love to serve. If you’re struggling to figure this out- part two is MAJORLY FOR YOU.  

We welcome back community members including Tasha Skillin from Rules and Rebellion and George Torres of Sofrito for Your Soul.com/Sofrito Media. Manifesting Your Ideal Client Pt. 2 includes conversations about: 

  • What to do if your client isn’t ready to work with you
  • What if your client isn’t ready for transformation yet
  • How to refer to others with integrity 
  • Staying in alignment and leveraging your energy
  • Connecting the services/products you offer with the customer journey

Join like-minded social impact entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders as we discuss this and other social issues, business, and opportunities for collaboration.

Hosts & Speakers:

*This episode features members of the Social Impact Level Up Collective discussing their personal stories, businesses, and perspectives.

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Intro & Outro – Wendie Veloz

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