S1E33- Have You Measured Why You Matter?

Wendie V. Shares her secret weapon for helping clients develop a strategy to share their impact online. The Impact and Reach Tracker  helps determine the best places to reach your desired audiences. When you share the impact you’re making it builds your know, like, and trust factor so you can connect with clients or donors. Social entrepreneurs often forget to share their impact because they want to do the work and don’t crave recognition for it. 

In this episode, our community shares:

  • How your impact can help you build your business
  • The steps to track your impact and share it with your most important audiences 
  • Grow your impact and serve more people 
  • How to share the right message to inspire others to support your impact mission
  • Dealing with naysayers

Join like-minded social impact entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders as we discuss this and other social issues, business, and opportunities for collaboration.

Hosts & Speakers:

*This episode features members of the Social Impact Level Up Collective discussing their personal stories, businesses, and perspectives.

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Intro & Outro – Wendie Veloz

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