S1E34- Oh S*** I’m an Imposter (Moving Beyond Imposter Syndrome)

So many people are talking about Imposter Syndrome these days but what is it really? How can you retrain your imposter thoughts and feelings so you can continue being a successful social entrepreneur? Moving beyond fear of failure, self-doubt, and other barriers holding you back will help you get to your goal. But how do you do it? 

Link to blog post discussed in this episode: https://wendieveloz.com/imposter-feelings/ 

In this episode, our community shares:

  • What it means to do it messy for a little while so you can continue to show up.
  • How you can identify and navigate imposter thoughts and feelings.
  • Ways to stop regretting where you put your time if your results didn’t pan out as expected.
  • Why owning your achievements matters in battling imposter thoughts.
  • How to stop comparisonitis.

Join like-minded social impact entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders as we discuss this and other social issues, business, and opportunities for collaboration.

Hosts & Speakers:

*This episode features members of the Social Impact Level Up Collective discussing their personal stories, businesses, and perspectives.

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Intro & Outro – Wendie Veloz

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