S1E36- Where’s My Motivation & How Can I Get It Back?

Motivation as a social entrepreneur can ebb and flow just like it can for anyone. Rodrigo Bravo leads a real conversation about how to maintain your motivation when it isn’t coming from within. You’ll hear everything from how to find your joy to how to use compassionate curiosity to keep learning about yourself and your “why”. The community rallies to answer Jose Relat’s question about how to keep motivated when your “job” or other roles in your life aren’t keeping you satisfied. 

This insightful conversation gives you practical solutions for what to do when you lose motivation and how to maintain structure to reach your goals.

Join like-minded social impact entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders as we discuss this and other social issues, business, and opportunities for collaboration.

Hosts & Featured Speakers:

*This episode features members of the Social Impact Level Up Collective discussing their personal stories, businesses, and perspectives.

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Intro & Outro – Wendie Veloz

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