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Waitlist Now Open for Spring 2023

The community is working hard on getting to outcomes. Registration is closed until January 2023. Sign up on the waitlist to be the first to know when the community is open again for new members!

When you join the waitlist you will reserve a space for an interview. If you’re a good fit for the community, you’ll receive an invite in January to join.

Are you waiting to grow into your role as a world-changing leader?

To help others the way you want to.
To grow a sustainable social business or non-profit.
To take charge of your career and passion.
To make your well-being as important as your work.
To create something made entirely by you.

I can see you as a badass world-changing leader already. 🤩

Maybe you started or want to start a non-profit organization to help others.
Or maybe you started a social business because making an impact is as important as profit.


🚩 you have too many commitments
🚩 you play too many roles
🚩 you don’t have enough hours in the day
🚩 you get easily distracted by all the ideas
🚩 you spend more time thinking about helping others than actually helping others
🚩 you’re worried about how to please everyone (including family, clients, and funders!)

I get it, it can be hard creating social change and having a life. 😅

Sometimes we can’t build our legacy alone
without the right foundation, tools, and building blocks for success

Are you tired of trying to do it all and not getting results?

Now, what if these barriers didn’t exist…

💯 Imagine what would happen if you knew EXACTLY how to achieve all of your goals… and could do it easily.
💯 Imagine how you would feel steadily growing your business or nonprofit without feeling overwhelmed.
💯 Imagine helping more people with less effort and more intention.
💯 Imagine what you could do if you didn’t feel tired, overworked, and overcommitted.
💯 Imagine what would happen if you could focus on creating lasting social change the way you want to.

Want to know a secret?

You are the key to your success.

YOU can be a successful social entrepreneur who shows up for your family/friends/community.
YOU are the right person to move this social issue forward.
YOU will be a world-changing leader who knows exactly what to work on & when to do it.
YOU know how to plan, take inspired action, and reach your goals.
YOU can thrive, have a successful personal life, grow wealth, and help others.
YOU are ready to make a commitment that will change multiple lives, especially yours.

Everything that comes out of Wendie’s mouth is like a golden nugget!”

Abi Levine, Founder DEP Ministries



The Social Impact Mastermind was created for people just like you.

You are a social entrepreneur or nonprofit leader 100% committed to your calling to change the world…
but you’re still trying to figure out how to do that at scale and in a sustainable way.

You’re ready to put in 1 year of work to move the needle on 1 social cause that you are VERY passionate about.

You know you’re ready to level up… to make a big impact AND focus on your well-being while you’re doing it.

It’s time for you to step up and make lasting social change.

Your social impact venture is unique because every social issue and founder are unique.
You need strategies that honor your values, how you work, and where you are starting from.

Together, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat so you can take charge of your vision for change.

You’re ready to execute your world-changing idea!

You’re already a leader who’s shown they can succeed at just about anything.
You’ve already transformed lives.
You’ve been making the world a better place for a long time

That’s absolutely amazing and I love you for all of this!

You know your vision better than I ever could, but I can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.
I’m like your “social impact Swiss army knife.”
I can help you hone your ideas, develop a comprehensive strategy,
and take the right action steps to move your organization to the next level.
I’m also here to make sure that you don’t burn out or quit before you reach the top.

Think of me as a mentor, coach, consultant, and impact guru
here to help you create the social change you want to see.
Isn’t it refreshing to know you don’t have to do this alone?

I felt lost and had no clarity

Wendie helped me discover the direction and steps I needed to take to drive my passion to the next level.
Ale Cortina
Self-love and Confidence Coach
Hurry Up!


I’ll save you a seat in this group of brilliant badass change agents, but you have to move FAST. Space is extremely limited and I promise you won’t find another program like this.

You’ll get access to my proven method for off-the-chart impact

You might have heard that collective impact is the most powerful method of creating social change.
When you sign up for the Social Impact Mastermind, you join an exclusive group of
social entrepreneurs who are as serious about changing the world as you are.

This invitation-only group is a year-long hybrid (group & 1:1) coaching program
guaranteed to transform up to 3 of your organization’s executives.

In just 12 months, we’ll maximize your energy and resources
to take your business or nonprofit to the next level.

I know you and your team will thrive with my support and a strong community of peers.
I also know that connecting and learning from colleagues in
related fields with a purpose-driven mission can help organizations rocket to success.

That’s why this mastermind is like nothing else you’ve been invited to join.
You’ll be part of a community of high-achievers growing world-changing social businesses or nonprofits.

Collectively, we have the power to transform the fabric of our society with our services, products, or programs.

Social Impact Mastermind- your shortcut to SUCCESS & SUSTAINABILITY

I know you’re already doing some amazing work, this mastermind is here to shift your comfort zone to the max.

By learning my process for creating social change,
you’ll overcome any doubts you can change the world.
All while you get skills that will help you get your shit together in multiple facets of your life.

Take a Peek At How This Works 🧐

Phase 1- Get Clear On What You’re Doing

You’ll need a crystal clear picture of who you serve, how you serve them, and your organization’s purpose/vision. We’ll dig into the mindset shifts you need to make to be a stronger leader and develop a wellness recipe that will keep you grounded as you grow.

Phase one offers you a safe space to explore, ask questions, wonder about the big and small questions… then move forward to make informed decisions. My Level Up Accelerator will inspire you to hone your vision and prioritize your immediate actions.

In Phase 1, you’ll build foundational skills like:

  • Building a Wellness First Lifestyle organization
  • Clarify who you serve
  • Hone your vision
  • Scanning for available resources
  • Identify root causes related to your social issue
  • Conduct a proper needs assessment
  • Level Up Accelerator multi-day workshop

Phase 2- Don’t Skip The Easy Part (Planning)

You will feel more confident implementing your vision when you know exactly which steps you need to take next. You’ll prevent yourself from burning out or quitting by developing a realistic Comprehensive Plan that you can actually stick to. This part of the experience really is priceless. You will be able to use this planning process again and again in the future as your organization grows.

So many social entrepreneurs go wrong by taking action without a plan. But not you, no way. You’ll be able to explain your program, service, or product clearly as part of your organization’s overall mission. Better yet, you’ll learn to create the strongest infrastructure for a successful social business or nonprofit.

Phase 2 helps you learn and apply core concepts like:

  • Developing your program, product, or service
  • OR refining/redirecting an existing program or service
  • Using a comprehensive action plan
  • Identifying the first steps to implement

Phase 3- Time To Do Your THANG!

You will stop holding yourself back from making the impact you want to make. You’ll proceed with clarity and confidence as you take the first bold steps at making your vision a reality.

You’ll enjoy the comfort and support of your mastermind community. We will make sure that each of us is accountable for taking inspired actions towards implementing our plans.

In this phase, you’ll graduate to more complex organizational and capacity-building skills:

  • Budgeting for impact
  • Developing outcome measures for continuous quality improvement
  • Building a sustainable funding plan for your organization
  • Grant writing for social businesses and nonpprofits
  • Implementation BootCamp multi-day training

Phase 4- It’s All About Building a Legacy

You’ll finally feel like you’re firing on all cylinders and you’ve moved the needle forward on your social issue. Social change does no good if nothing is sustained. You’ll confidently move forward to the next phase of your journey with skills to keep building your organization and sustain your success.

Phase 4 is the cherry on top, you’ll learn all the things you need to create meaningful and lasting change:

  • Increasing your reach with marketing
  • Maintaining a strong organizational infrastructure
  • Exploring partnerships
  • Using my exclusive 8 Dimensions of Sustainability framework
  • Growing an organization based on your values (What’s next?)

Every month we’ll add important skills to your tool belt

Growing an impact-driven organization can be tricky.
That’s why the Social Impact Mastermind solves those pesky problems that keep you stuck…

instead of being paralyzed, you’ll get the roadmap to
maintaining your well-being as a founder and thriving as a social impact entrepreneur.

  • 12 months of 1:1 and group coaching with Wendie for up to 3 executives
  • 1.5-hour monthly Manifestation & Motivation community meeting
  • 1-hour monthly community Q/A session
  • 10 templates, monthly workshops, and e-courses
  • Holistic coaching techniques like meditation, sound, crystal, and group reiki energy healing sessions

Social entrepreneurs growing their nonprofit planning on white board in the Social Impact Mastermind
Wendie Veloz guides social entrepreneurs through the Social Impact Mastermind.

Grow with a community of social entrepreneurs like you

The power for social change comes from the collective impact of people like you
working in harmony with others
creating change where they are.

When you share your gifts with the world you will create tangible change
for the people and causes that you care about.

Your passion drives you to succeed.
Your community will help you will stay committed and unstoppable.

You’ll uncover new truths as you stay accountable and motivated.
You’ll feel unbelievably supported as you build your legacy.

Your mastermind team has come. We’re waiting for you.

Value this big isn’t easy to find

Funders invest heavily in providing technical assistance to their projects so they will be successful.
You’ll get massive technical assistance value for a fraction of the cost.
The coursework, 1:1 coaching, templates, and community are valued at over $22,000!
That’s just for 1 person!

Your organization has up to 3 spaces… that means…
you get up to $66,000 in technical assistance
tailored to help your organization to grow

Investing in yourself is the
best strategy to achieve your goals

We’ve all made poor investments in the past. I definitely have.
Investing in a year of coaching was the best investment I could have made.

I know you’re ready to choose to invest in yourself and your goals.
Putting time and money into your vision is how you will create social change.

I’m here to make sure that you don’t waste time, energy, or money as you reach your goals.
That’s why the coursework was designed to give you the
foundational skills that world-changing leaders need.

💡 Grant writing
💡 Program development
💡 Holistic wellness support
💡 Growing a sustainable venture
💡 Organizational development
💡 Implementation Bootcamp
💡 Funding plan development
💡Increasing reach/revenue via marketing/social media

You Need This Zen

 Through working with Wendie that I finally feel I’m on the right path to seeing this program come to fruition. After 10 years of going in circles, even as someone actively in this work, I finally have a guide that is taking me from questions to answers
Monique Conway,
SWITCH Reentry Program

Questions (FAQ)

You might be wondering about some of these questions. Check out the FAQs for more information about how to join the mastermind.

Up to 3 founders/leaders per organization are chosen to join the program. The organization’s main founder/leader is selected based on the following criteria:

  1. You have or are starting a nonprofit organization
  2. You have or are starting a social business with a social impact mission
  3. You can commit to 1 year of coaching and personal growth to lead organizational growth

As an organization, will be asked to demonstrate you are ready, willing, and able to take on this commitment by either:

  1. Completing the Level Up Accelerator or
  2. Booking a space in an upcoming informational call to assess your fit for this opportunity.

A cohort of up to 6 organizations and 15 participants will begin the program in August 2022.

You do not need to have an established nonprofit or social business. You must be ready to start or grow one over 12 months.

You are ready if you:

-Understand that you do not need to do this alone
-Want support and feedback as you build your dream social impact venture
-Are seeking a community of change agents to support you
-Want a DIY experience with templates and resources but enjoy the luxury of having support to get your questions answered
-Can make the time in your weekly/monthly schedule to put the energy into building your venture

All participants representing your organization must be at this level of readiness to commit to working together over the course of 12 months.

The Social Impact Mastermind runs once a year and will be open for enrollment again in January 2023. The price will increase, lock in your founding Community space by getting on the waitlist now.

You can have up to 3 people representing your organization. The Mastermind is capped at 15 total participants. Roughly 5-6 organizations will be invited to join each cohort.

All participants representing your organization must be at this ready and able to commit to working together over the course of 12 months.

Intensive learning in community with others is hard work. To ensure all participants are ready for commitment and growth, space is extremely limited.

This is a one-of-a-kind exclusive program designed just for social entrepreneurship. There are no other programs like this one.

In this year-long mastermind, these 5-6 select organizations will experience tremendous growth and sustainable success. There are a limited number of spaces to ensure each organization gets tailored support and feedback.

The Social Impact Mastermind is scaled to be affordable for start-up and growing organizations to receive professional development. The price to participate in the mastermind will go up after the introductory cohort.

Sign up today to lock in this one-of-a-kind opportunity for nearly 50% less than the value price.