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  • Holistic Business
  • Sustainability
  • Servant Leadership
  • Impact Amplification

Your Audience Needs Inspiration

Wendie Veloz is a catalyst for change and a promoter of big ideas. She uses her superpowers to help everyday people do extraordinary things to make the world a better place.

Wendie helps people heal themselves so they can heal others and their communities. Your audience deserves to hear this.

Thought Leadership for a New Generation

Inspiration for Meaningful Matters

Wendie inspires servant leaders to use their energy on the things that matter most to create social change.

Wendie offers practical solutions to your audience leveragign her experience and passion for helping people and the organizations they lead create impact.

Wendie inspires you to step out and serve on your own terms by focusing on three core concepts:

► Sustainable success to create social change.
► Focusing on your wellness so you can show up and serve.
► Amplifying ideas, influence, impact, and income

What if we could create the right conditions for social entrepreneurs to be successful at changing the world?

-Wendie Veloz, Social Impact Level Up Podcast

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Nonprofit & Social Business Leaders

Wendie uses her years of experience, technical expertise in social sciences, and passion for service leadership to connect with professionals looking for inspiration.

Thought leadership is so important to move social change forward. Wendie holds space for sensitive conversations and thought partners navigating complex social issues.

Helping youth leaders and college students get to the next step in their career white outline of people on stairs against purple background

Students & Youth Leaders

Throughout her career, Wendie has mentored professionals starting their careers in “helping” professions from public health to social work and public administration.

Wendie shares practical tips, considerations, and tips to successfully navigate a career as a servant leader. College and graduate students rave about Wendie’s style and message.

Community leaders in white outline on orange background.

Community Leaders

Few speakers have Wendie’s deep experience supporting multi-sector partners. Wendie helps you successfully navigate the complexities of public-private partnerships.

Wendie’s expertise in facilitating conversations that successful engage the community in your work are rooted in years of work managing community partnerships.

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