Let me teach you how to write a high-scoring grant application under a tight timeline without anxiety.

Stress-Free Grant Writing is the only live event that will teach you a step-by-step method to secure grant money and make an impact.

Course Dates: Saturday, September 25 & October 2, 2021
Course Time: 1pm ET – 5 pm ET
Live Q&A Dates: Wednesday, September 29 & 6, 2021
Live Q&A Time: 7 – 8 pm ET

The federal government spends over $500 Billion dollars in grants every year.

Foundation giving in 2019 increased to $75.69 Billion—a 2.5% increase from 2018.


  • Passionate about changing the world
  • Someone who needs more experience with grant writing
  • Interested in grants but don’t know where to begin
  • Frustrated when you look for money to support your work
  • Lacking confidence in your grant writing skills


  • Develop a budget for your proposal
  • Learn the basics of grant writing quickly
  • Figure out what reviewers are looking for
  • Use templates and resources to submit your grant quickly
  • Do-it-yourself without a grant writer

What We’ll Cover Together

Woman with brown hair in a black shirt with white polka dots in front of a bookshelf with various things on it wearing red lipstick and red earrings.

Training overview

Length: 1 hour

Training type: Recording

free tool

You get exclusive access to download the Research Search List to help you organize your search.

Learn from an insider

You will learn my top three methods to look for grant funding for the cause you are passionate about.

If you are a passion-driven person with a mission to help people you do not want to miss this!

You’ll learn:

  • Why grants are important to support your cause
  • How to find government grants
  • How to locate other local and state grants

How I Learned Grant Writing FAST

I knew nothing about grant writing when I began my career overseeing grants for the federal government. I had the worst imposter syndrome on a trip to Florida for 10 days to see multi-million dollar hurricane Katrina-funded grants.

Because I knew nothing about grants- I had to fake my way through and learn on the fly. If I had only had the grant application with me, I would have had all the details! I wish I had a crash course in grants BEFORE I needed it! 

Your grant application is an important tool that has all the basic information that anyone needs to know about what you are doing. But how can you write a successful grant application if you’ve never done it before?

You don’t have to go through what I did! You can learn everything you need to know about grant writing in just 8 hours of training.

Stress-Free Grants is designed for you to get just enough information to get you to the finish line by the deadline.

Wendie with colleagues in Florida posing during a grantee site visit to Project Hope, a Hurricane Katrina recovery program.
Wendie in 2006 visiting Florida Project HOPE grantees.


Stress-Free Grant Writing

  • 8-hours of interactive live lecture
  • 2-hours of question and answer sessions
  • Stress-relief meditation
  • 8-hours of interactive live lecture
  • Grant Assessment Worksheet
  • Goal & Objective Worksheet
  • Budget Templates
  • Narrative Outline Template
  • 2 Live Q&A sessions


Change the world, one dollar, one person, one community at a time.

Change agents are the best advocates for funding because they care. However, finding funding can be frustrating and highly competitive.

I will give you advanced tools to avoid wasting time on applications that will not benefit you or those you serve.

Warning: Working With Me Results in Extreme Fun

Imagine, walking into a site visit with a grantee and having no clue how grants worked. Since my trip to Florida in 2006, I’ve become a grant expert. I like to call myself “grant queen”.

I’ve advised hundreds of community organizations and created three major federal grant programs. Over a 13 year federal career, I supported 35+ grantees to transform their states and communities with $90 Million dollars.

This year alone, I led a team to secure a $27 Million dollar grant using the tips and tools that I am sharing with you in Stress-Free Grant Writing.

I know what grant reviewers are looking for because I’ve reviewed thousands of grant applications.

When you work with me you will get more than tools to get the job done. I am here to help you have fun while you are learning to get more money for the things you are passionate about!

I 100% believe you can write grants, have fun, and be stress-free. Even with looming deadlines, short timelines, and thousands of dollars at stake- helping those you care about should feel good. Not stressful.

Let’s Solve Your Problems

One of Wendie’s (many) gifts is the rare ability to see both the big picture as well as what’s happening in the weeds.

She’s a strategist and a tactician—a true problem-solver.

Working with Wendie helps me clarify my larger goals and get specific about each step I’ll need to take.
Jean Synodinos, Consultant


1. Can I apply for grants?

There are many different types of grants. You do not need to be a non-profit organization for every grant application.

Stress-Free Grant Writing will teach you how to assess if you qualify for an opportunity, or not. No more wasting your time.

2. What if I have zero experience?

We all have to start somewhere!

If you have no prior experience writing grants, that’s OK. Stress-free grants will give you a strong foundation to learn a new skill. You can decide if you want to become a grant writer or just write grants for your own organization.

Stress-Free Grant Writing is also ideal for people who are somewhat familiar with grants. This course will help you hone your existing skills

The goal of this course is to get you to the finish line, no matter how much you know about grants.

3. What if I have a grant due now?

This course is designed to help you get your application in ASAP. If you are working towards a deadline you can write your application as you’re taking the course.

The 8 hours of live instruction will help you in real-time as you write each section of your application.

4. What if I can’t budget for help?

Many grants do not allow you to use grant funds to pay for a grant writer. This means you will need to make a smart investment in learning to write grants or on who you hire to help you.

This course is an investment in your professional development and can help you learn to write a grant yourself if you want a DIY option.

If you do plan to hire a grant writer, this course will give you the knowledge to work closely with your grant writer to prepare a strong application.

You will learn how to be grant-ready, meaning you will have information prepared for a grant writer before you are working against a deadline.

Space Is Limited!

Hurry and sign up today!

Space is limited in live courses. Live courses will only be offered a few times every year.

You don’t want to miss your opportunity to learn how to write grants and manage your stress.