Sustainability: Solutions for Empowered Changemakers

Sustainability is more than a buzzword—
it’s a way continual state of being.

How Do You Define Sustainability?

What is sustainability?

Multi-dimensional sustainability

Sustainability is a dynamic process that ensures long-term well-being by integrating holistic approaches that support enduring social and economic change. It involves creating resilient systems that empower communities and individuals to thrive and elevate collectively.

Beyond eco and Nonprofit Sustainability

While many people think of sustainability in the eco or environmental sense, it’s important to recognize the many layers of sustainability that exist.

Even Forbes mistakenly pigeonholes sustainability through an eco-lens.

Multi-Dimensional Sustainability Model

Our model considers all levels to help everyone find a way to contribute to the sustainability and betterment of our world.

Types of Sustainability
  • Eco Sustainability: Ensuring our actions benefit the environment.
  • Community Sustainability: Building resilient, thriving communities.
  • Organizational Sustainability: Creating lasting, effective organizations.
  • Program Sustainability: Developing programs that endure and make a difference.
  • Sustainable Living for All: Promoting well-being for all.
Community & environmental wellness

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What is the Multi-Dimensional Sustainability Model?

Our Multi-dimensional Sustainability Model breaks down the complex process of achieving sustainability into manageable, actionable steps.

Click on the dimensions below to learn more.


Leading with Passion

Now is the time to turn local vision and inspired action into impactful social change, driving meaningful, lasting improvements.

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Investment/ Divestment

Strong partnerships are the foundation of social impact work; nothing gets done in a vacuum when you’re trying to inspire change.

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Partnerships & Capacity

Invest in strategies that show efficacy and effectiveness, focusing your resources where the most impact can or has taken place.

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Marketing & Communications

Communications and marketing are the most underutilized strategies when building sustainable social impact ventures.

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Long-term Change Strategy

When sustaining efforts, thinking beyond yourself and considering long-term change for others is the next iteration of sustainability.

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Risk & Protective Factors

Addressing root causes by building assets to help people thrive and live fulfilling, happy lives is a sustainable strategy.

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Creating equitable systems ensures that resources and opportunities are distributed fairly, fostering lasting social impact.

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Coordinated Funding Streams

Leveraging a braided funding approach can help identify multiple funding sources to fully cover your budget.

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Is your sustainability where you want it to be?

Enhance Your Sustainability Today!

Achieving sustainability requires strategic planning, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Our team coaching sessions are designed to provide you with the tools and insights you need to make your initiatives resilient and impactful.

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We work with you to identify growth opportunities and develop actionable plans to enhance your sustainability practices.

Sustainable Legacy

Learn how to embed sustainability into every aspect of your operations. We focus on practical, actionable strategies that can be implemented right now.

How Development Professionals View Sustainability

In 2006, while conducting a needs assessment on education in rural Ugandan villages, this quote was shared by an aid worker. The profoundness of this statement has remained the core of my exploration of sustainability for the remainder of my career.

This page is a collection of knowledge about sustainability you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

Take time to explore the rich resources in-depth. These lessons are a collection of a lifetime of discussions about building sustainable assets for a better future.

Professionals like Julius have dedicated their lives to making the future better for others.

If that sounds familiar keep exploring resources to create sustainable change.

When change happens, your job becomes someone else’s sustained solution.

“Sustainability is working yourself out of a job”

-Unknown Development Professional, Uganda 2006
Kasaka primary school Needs Assessment in 2006 performed by Wendie Veloz

Julius, Head Teacher at Kasaka Primary School in 2006 (Rakai, Uganda)

Sustainability Chats Video Series

Dive into our comprehensive video series to explore the core concepts and practical applications of sustainability. Each episode is designed to provide you with valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance your sustainability efforts.

Start your journey toward creating a lasting impact!

Sustainable Solutions for Nonprofit and Business Leaders

Sustainability on the Social Impact Level Up Podcast


Why Our Generation Should Care About Sustainable Ventures

Social change efforts and social impact ventures can create sustainable infrastructure.

Sustainability takes all of us to commit to play an active or supportive role in making social change if we want to create the world our generation deserves.


Sustainability Beyond Profit: Social Impact & Business

“What exactly is sustainability?” How can businesses and nonprofits create a lasting impact by aligning purpose with an intentional sustainability strategy?

Get social business examples from past and upcoming guests who embody sustainability within their work and how your organization can start doing it too.

Sustainability: Key Questions for Partners and Leaders

Our Sustainability Key Questions Document is a crucial tool for anyone looking to develop a robust sustainability plan. This guide will help you ask the right questions and consider critical factors in your planning process.

Multi-Dimensional Sustainability Key Questions free download guide for nonprofit sustainability.
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