Trello is a very powerful organizational tool. Nonprofits can use Trello to help with project management, donor management, fundraising, planning, campaign planning, social media planning, and a variety of other things. Trello boards help teams oversee programs or nonprofit fundraising efforts. This blog post will help you learn how to use Trello as a tool to grow your nonprofit organization.

Government Project Management Trello Template for nonprofit organizations

Trello for Nonprofit Project Management

Trello is an incredibly powerful project management tool. You can use Trello to visually demonstrate all aspects of your project. A Trello board holds lists of cards for each part of your project. Cards can be used to organize all the priorities or larger tasks.  

You can assign lists and cards to different team members so that you can delegate activities across the team. Each card can include to-do lists, drafts, notes, due dates, and color coding. For nonprofit project management, Trello offers excellent value because the free version is sufficient to use this tool with a small team.

Nonprofits can easily use this Government Project Management template to manage workflow.

Organize your teamwork with the Collaboration

This Collaboration Board template is excellent for program teams working on a specific portfolio for a non-profit organization. 

How to use Trello for Nonprofit Donor Relations

Trello is a very helpful tool to segment your donors. As you develop your fundraising strategy for your nonprofit organization, you can identify donor personas to help you focus your efforts. 

Focus on your requests for support by having different donor personas to support your work. Creating a donor relations Trello board will help you target specific types of donors for fundraising campaigns. You can organize this board by year for annual fundraising efforts or by funding stream. For example, you might have a list of information for a donor who gives through your events vs. corporate donors.  

Once you identify your donor personas, you can create opportunities for each to support your work through your fundraising planning. 

Grant tracking Trello template for nonprofit organizations seeking grant funding.

Using Trello for Nonprofit Fundraising Planning

To support your nonprofit’s fundraising planning, Trello offers a place to develop a strategy for diverse funding streams. Creating a fundraising planning board can include the six essential fundraising strategies every nonprofit needs. New nonprofits can use Trello to develop a plan to grow their fundraising strategy over time. Existing nonprofits can use Trello to set fundraising goals for the development team.

A Trello board can help you generate ideas for fundraising, event, or social media campaigns at specific times of the year. You can also use Trello to organize your creative assets and any other details related to that specific campaign. Planning your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy in Trello provides a place to have a high-level overview of the entire year’s campaigns. 

Use this Tello board template to track grant opportunities.

Speaker guide for online events Trello template helps nonprofit organizations reach make a bigger impact with events.

Trello for Event Planning

Many nonprofits hold events throughout the year. Using Trello to manage a specific event gives your team a place to organize the event details and volunteers. As part of the fundraising strategy, you can develop a Trello board that holds the details for all events throughout the year. This type of coordination between project management and fundraising goals makes Trello a valuable asset to your organization. 

This Speaker Guide for Online Events Template can help you manage your next virtual event.

Social media marketing Trello board template for nonprofit organizations to reach more people online.

Using Trello Boards for Nonprofit Social Media Planning

Social media gives nonprofit organizations the opportunity to connect with their ideal audiences – donors, volunteers, and clients. Keeping up with a social media strategy and content creation related to your nonprofit organization can seem difficult. 

With proper planning, building your organization’s influence online can be easy. Trello can help by keeping the details of your social media strategy organized. Trello boards can serve as a content creation calendar, a social media strategy, or house protocols for your organization’s social media engagement. 

Having a Social Media Marketing Board Template will help you develop a basic social media strategy so you can stay consistent.

The Website Task Planner Trello Template will help nonprofit organizations plan, launch, and create a website.

Trello Can Help You Plan Your Website

Having a responsive and engaging website is very important for a nonprofit organization. You can use Trello to help you plan your website. If you need to update your website, you can also use Trello to keep track of your content for the new website or the website launch. Using Trello to track your website build will show you how much progress you make and keep you on track to reach your target launch date.

Use this Website Task Planner Template to help you keep track of your nonprofit website updates and launches.

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