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Social Impact Business Blueprint

Unlock the secrets to creating and scaling a purpose-driven business with our comprehensive learning path for business owners passionate about making a positive impact on the world.

Idea 2 Impact grant writing course helps social entrepreneurs create a strategy like this man writing on a note pad next to a computer sitting at a small table.

Funding Mastery Roadmap

From grant writing novices to seasoned experts, our learning path provides insider tips and practical tools to secure funding for your projects with ease and flow.

Wendie Veloz is a holistic business development coach helping social entrepreneurs reset their wellness and find balance.

Holistic Business Mastery Journey

Transform your business and life with our holistic learning path, integrating success with professional and personal well-being so you can find ultimate fulfillment.

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-Search for aligned grant funding so you don’t stray from your mission.
-Hone your ideal client avatar with insight-inspiring resources.

What’s Inside

Step 1: Ideal Client

Connect with the right audience for your services or products by learning to identify your ideal
client persona.

Step 2: Self-Challenge

Build a strong foundation of purpose with our 3-day challenge, aligning your mission with actionable steps for social impact.

Step 3: Revenue

Secure more resources to support your mission by learning key strategies to increase your revenue and impact.

Step 4: Grant Ready

Gain a competitive edge in securing grants, ensuring a steady flow of funds for your projects by mastering insider strategies to find and track grant opportunities.

Step 5: Track Progress

Enhance your digital footprint and increase your reach to potential supporters and clients by monitoring analytics monthly for strategic growth.

Step 6: Project Success

Boost your project success and increase efficiency and effectiveness by sharpening your project management and transferrable skills.

We Included Our Favs in this FREE Learning Path

  • Find Your Population of Focus Webinar: Hone Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Change the World Challenge: 3 Day Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
  • Funding for Impact Guidebook: Chapter 1: Learn Our Frameworks
  • 3 Secrets to Finding Grant Funding: Search for Money Aligned to Your Goals
  • Impact & Reach Tracker: Grow Your Influence Online With a Strategy
  • Project Management Assessment & Slideshare: Grow Your Career and Skills

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