This article is a round-up of top the social impact collaborators of 2022 where I was featured as a guest or co-host. I’m looking forward to more collaborations in 2023!

One Year Into Podcasting…

This year has gone by so fast I almost forget things that I accomplished- like being a guest on podcasts or what I say on my own podcast! 

This year we’ve recorded and released 35 episodes and we’ll finish Season 1 with 40 episodes. The Social Impact Level Up podcast is definitely a labor of love- every week I spend time listening to recordings and producing each episode. 

Our audience is still growing, but the messages from our community are authentic and real. I’m excited to share more lessons from real people who are making a big impact in Season 2. 

We’re already taping Season 2 and we’ll be releasing episodes in late February. On top of this… we’re also releasing the recordings of our episodes with guests on YouTube. Yep… a brand new video component will help us get more reach and help more people! 

I wanted to share this quick article with some highlights from the collaborations I’ve had in 2022. This is a roundup of all main collaborators who’ve invited me to share on their platforms as a tribute to each of them and what they’re building.  

2022 Highlights & Collaborators

Being a guest on podcasts is really fun. I enjoy talking to others about the things they’re passionate about. I also equally enjoy talking about what I’m passionate about- making an impact. 

This year I’ve collaborated with some really cool creators on multiple platforms and we’ll be closing out the year with even more collabs! 

Women with computers talking with text The Best Social Impact Podcast Collaborations

Spring Collabs


I shared my workshop on Risk and Protective Factors with Debbie Prediger’s community in the Spring and had a fantastic time! 

Young People Are The Future…Make Sure That Future is Bright. 

Young people already have so many things stacked against them. Imagine if we could help them succeed with just a few simple actions. 

This masterclass helped Debbie’s community learn how to build a supportive environment for the young people they work or live with. For people who work with young people, this course is crucial to explain your impact to potential clients, funders, and on social media. For parents, this course helps you break generational cycles that lead to negative outcomes like substance abuse, mental illness, and chronic diseases.

Join Debbie’s Facebook Community here:


Ezel Moon hosted me on Instagram Live to chat about leadership in the social impact space.

This was one of the most fun conversations because Ezel is a great host and interviewer. Ezel is a philanthropist and asks guests to choose a charity for each show. My charity was Leave No Paws Behind USA – a nonprofit that benefits military families who need their pets to be transported with them to their new duty station.

Summer School Vibes


Girish Bali hosted me on the Back2Basics Mode Podcast in the summer. We chatted all about my work as a Social Impact Strategist and how we can make a difference in our communities. 

Girish asked me the hard question- Why you? Meaning ‘why am I the person to take on this mission?’ My response was “why not me?”. This is an important lesson for all of us- if we don’t step out and follow our passion who will do this work for us? 


In June Jaison Thomas hosted me on the Brand Identity Design podcast to talk about entrepreneurship and burnout. This episode was part of the “Dark Side of Entrepreneurship” series. We dig into how using your wellness recipe can help you prevent burnout while you’re making an impact. 

Fall Feels


I’ve met some really awesome women recently, these are just two of them! So happy to support other female podcasters! 

Talking with Doroty O’Dell of the Power Half Hour- Unstoppable Business Owner podcast was definitely a fall highlight. Dorothy is a pleasure to chat with and I was happy to share more about my story as a business owner. 

I break down the basics of social impact and why it’s important to transform societal systems so workers and the people they serve can thrive. Curious how I use my Reiki healing training with my clients? I spill the beans in this episode with Dorothy. 


In Transformational Soul Talks with Rashelle Harlingten I share even more about my journey as a social entrepreneur. We get to the root of showing results through your programs and what transformation looks like for my clients. You’ll hear me talk about the transformation I went through coming out of the government and realizing that I didn’t have restrictions or barriers holding me back from making an impact. The truth is, I could have made a bigger impact all along, and that’s what I would tell my 18-year-old self. 

Play the full episode here:

Year End Blast! 

I saved the best for last… one final Live collaborative episode for 2022 with Gabe Leal – the King of LinkedIn Live. We’re going live Tuesday, December 13th at [8:15] EST.  

I’m super excited about chatting with my buddy Gabe about everything social impact. Gabe and I are part of a morning accountability community that meets weekly on the Clubhouse app. I can’t wait to bring some of that energy over to LinkedIn Live. We’re planning to have a good time so I’m sure you’ll really enjoy the convo. 

Stop by and drop some comments in the live feed, we’d love to hear from you!!! 

What’s Next in 2023? 

I’m currently looking for new collaborators to ring in the new year! If you’re into social impact and want to share more with your audience, reach out! I’m happy to book some time to chat with you about: 

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Being a guest on your podcast or live 
  • Workshops and profit-sharing opportunities
  • Keynote speeches
  • Panels & upcoming conferences

In the next year, I’ll be focusing more on thought leadership and building partnerships with brands as well. I’ll continue hosting my podcast but I’ll be doing fewer online workshops and more in-person events. 

Get in my inbox if you want to book a collaboration or have me join you for an event. Happy to hear more about your goals and how I can help. 

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