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Social change starts with you.

The World Needs More Change Agents Like You

See Yourself Making Sustainable Change

Are you a goal-oriented founder seeking to create sustainable social change? The journey to making a big impact can be filled with self-doubt and challenges, but with the right support, you can achieve your goals. As a coach for social change, I specialize in helping you build a roadmap to success and navigate the unknown road ahead.

With at least 5 years required to create lasting social change, you need a coach who understands the unique challenges of this journey. Coaching focuses on building a sustainable solution to help you reach your goals.

Social Impact Coaching provides personalized solutions to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your vision. Let’s work together to create a better society, one step at a time.

Individual Coaching

Thrive with 1:1 Coaching

As a change agent, we understand that you need personalized support to achieve a balance between serving others and taking care of yourself. Our coaching services are designed to help you create a solid plan to grow your social business or nonprofit while prioritizing your well-being.

Our coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals, putting you in the driver’s seat. We work with you to identify areas of improvement, develop actionable plans, and provide guidance to help you achieve success. Our approach ensures that you walk away from each session with clarity and homework to help you stay on track.

Let us help you create a sustainable impact in your community while achieving your personal and professional goals. Contact us today to learn more about our social impact coaching services.

Group Coaching

Social Impact Mastermind-
Make Change Now

My flagship program is a year-long professional development experience for your top 3 executives. I coach you through the secret recipe to creating a successful multi-million dollar social change organization.


Take the right actions to help others heal and thrive.


Harmonize your energy and well-being so you can show up as a leader.


Get connected with a community of change agents just like you.


Live Workshops & Events

Turn your ideas into action with my live workshops and learning events. I teach you the essential skills to make sustainable multi-million dollar programs.

I’m Your Girl If You…

Need an accountability partner and sounding board.
Want direction not directive.
Are ready, willing, and able to create social change.

I’ve helped founders of color create services, programs, and curricula that address some of society’s toughest social problems.

From homelessness to child labor, my carer has taught me how to break complex problems down into actionable solutions.

Share the most audacious version of your dreams and I’ll show you the next steps to make it happen.

I am a specific kind of coach. I’m a coach for social change.
I’m an alchemist of ideas who is here to inspire you to reach the next levels of your dreams.

Latina woman in white shirt and yellow skirt sitting outside at a table near a sculpture

Communities of Color Thrive

I specialize in helping founders who serve communities of color because I know what it’s like to help underresourced communities.

Every community is different. Every founder has their own unique ideas to help communities of color break the cycles and stigmas that have held us back.

I help you create the infrastructure in your business or nonprofit to consistently get the outcomes you seek and meet the needs of those you serve.