Wendie Veloz Enterprises offers executive coaching for impact-making organizations.

Executive Coaching for Badass
Social Entrepreneurs

Transform yourself- social change starts with you.

  • Idea Development
  • Income Generation
  • Impact Growth
  • Influence Amplification

Discover the Power of Purpose

Do you want to use your ideas, passion, and experience to make a tangible difference in the lives of others?

Our Purpose-Driven Growth Coaching Program gives you sustainable solutions for individualized success!

Coaching helps Thought Leaders Like You

Our Client David Hughes Shares

On a recent podcast episode, David shares how invaluable his coaching experience has been to help him grow his social business.

Maximize Your Impact-
Compare Our Coaching Options

Get invaluable resources, insights, and proven strategies to amplify your social impact and drive meaningful change.

From refining your services and programs to optimizing your online presence, each coaching session helps you synchronize your revenue, outcomes, services, and communications for rapid transformation.

Single Session

1:1 Coaching Session

Gain clarity, direction, and prioritize effectively with our focused, impact-driven single coaching session.

  • 60-minute 1:1 session via Zoom focused on your needs.
  • Customized homework assignments to to help you apply the work.
  • Direct access to ask questions and discuss challenges.
  • Zero ongoing commitment.

Single sessions are best for anyone seeking clarity immediately
with no need for follow-up.

These sessions are popular with new clients who want to try our coaching technique or past clients who need a booster.

Ongoing Growth

6-Month Coaching Package

Supports your unique goals, challenges, and ambitions over 6 months of growth.

  • Monthly 60-minute 1:1 Zoom session focused on your needs.
  • Customized homework assignments to to help you apply the work.
  • Direct access to ask questions and discuss challenges.
  • Ongoing Email access for questions
  • Personalized action plans
  • Business strategy development session
  • Access to one of our exclusive learning paths
  • 6 months of access to the Collective

Apply today for Q3 and Q4 Coaching Slots!
*Payment options available.

Your GoAls + Our Expertise

Problems We Help You Solve

We give you accountability, shortcuts, and ideas to get your social impact products, services, and expertise to the audiences that matter most.

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Wendie Veloz Social Impact Strategist pictured in blue dress standing against a railing. Photo by Ather Ahsan copyright 2023.

Why Your Success Matters to Me​

I’ve been called to create mass change and I won’t stop until I do.

Your ability to do the work, be ready to grow, and willing to take on the challenge is what matters most to me.

When we work together you can expect:

Connecting to your vibration and energy, and assessing your brand’s energy too.

Fun-fueled barrier-breaking for maximum value exchanges.

Attention to your bottom line and resources so you can confidently implement your vision.

If you’re ready to work together click the button and let’s get started.
Wendie Veloz Enterprises helps you discover your true solutions.

Coach & Technical Expert

18 years of experience growing social impact programs and services across verticals.

Federal Government
State & Local Government
Public-private Partnerships

Wendie Veloz provides thought leadership on social impact topics.

Executive Coach

Expertise in supporting non-profits and business leaders to implement multi-million dollar initiatives by leveraging skills like:

Strategic Planning
Sustainability Strategy
Business Development
Tech Stack Audit
Communications Strategy
Program Design
Project Management
Program Implementation
Change Management
Partnership Development
Funding Alignment
Grant Strategy, Implementation, and Oversight

Our Coaching Works Magic For Entrepreneurs Like You Because…

It can be scary when you don’t know what you don’t know and have zero people to ask. You can relax, we do the leg work together.

“Having the structure and having you be like all right here’s what we’re going to work on now here’s how it looks. And then guiding me through and being like here’s what the future looks like. It took the amount of stress that was up to here and that just dropped. It was invaluable. It was absolutely incredible.”
David Hughes
Lean Performance Life
“Wendie is very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping build stronger more impactful organizations. She greatly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her as a volunteer or even as a firm to hire. I believe that her support will be transformational to my agency and truly impactful for our community.”
Words, Beats, & Life, Inc
“Working with Wendie was absolutely invigorating. She is full of ideas, a very strategic planned and is really good at mapping out processes. Wendie was helpful and we are looking forward to a successful event this August.”
Sadija A. Smiley
SAILS – Stillborn and Infant Loss Support
Wendie Veloz Enterprises team members Holly Alsop, Brianna Howard, Jalessa Chambers, and Charline Houtin.
A 6-month commitment is required to join this coaching program.
All the Deets

Purpose-Driven Growth Coaching Program

Our 6-month coaching program is packed with exclusive benefits designed to supercharge your growth and propel you toward your goals:

  • Tailored Coaching Sessions: Monthly 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • Strategic Partnership and Solution Generation: Proven techniques for growth.
  • Expert Guidance for Scaling and Funding: Solutions to optimize your resources.
  • Accountability and Support: Stay organized, focused, and motivated with ongoing accountability.
  • Action Plans: A clear roadmap for success between sessions.

Plus Bonuses!
  • Email Support: Get ongoing feedback.
  • Resource Library Access: Exploring the learning path of your choice.
  • Networking Opportunities: Insider access to our rich network of professional and business referrals.
  • Community: Six months of access to the Social Impact Level Up Collective, our community for changemakers.
  • Featured on Socials: Get featured in stories, posts, blogs with backlinks, podcast episodes, and other perks.

Creative Solutions

Our clients set the goal and we help crush it. Here are a few of the types of problems our clients needed support to get completed.

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Grant Strategy, Writing, & Implementation
Website Creation or Revamp
Business Startup Processes & Tech Solutions
Marketing Strategy & Content Creation

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions? No problem! Let’s go over some of the details.

The cost of our purpose-driven coaching program varies based on the specific needs and growth objectives of your organization. If you opt for our standard package, which includes one coaching session per month over a six-month period, you can pay in full and book now at a discount.

However, if your organization requires additional sessions per month, a longer contract period, or payment plan options, the price will be determined based on your unique needs and goals for growth.

We tailor our coaching program to fit your organization’s journey towards purpose-driven success. Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a personalized quote. We’re here to support your growth every step of the way.

Organizations in the greater Washington, D.C. region can arrange to meet in-person in a convenient location at appropriate times. All other organizations will receive virtual services.

You have up to 6 months to restart your coaching work following an interruption if agreed upon in advance. Missing 2 or more monthly sessions will mean you forfeit your right to a full refund unless advanced notice is given. It is your responsibility to do the work necessary to achieve the desired results.

There are a limited number of 1:1 spaces available each quarter. You can apply for an upcoming slot by filling in the form. You’ll be invited to a call to see if you’r ready to rock and if we’re a good fit.

If so, you’ll be invited to join! If it’s not the right time, perhaps our Social Impact Level Up Collective is the right choice for you.

You’re always welcome to come back when you’re ready. You don’t need to have anything. in particular in place, just the time to commit.

Wendie Veloz Enterprises is connected to a network of talented consultants and businesses. From graphic design to financial planning. If your business needs a referral we will help you search for an aligned partner to serve you within our network.

We Help You Focus

Your impact matters. Your success matters.

When you invest in coaching you want to see results, we want to see you do the work and get results.
With support, your transformation can look like this.

Zeno Wellness Group is a client of Wendie Veloz Enterprises
$200K Grant for Veterans

Zeno Wellness Group renews its grant to reduce suicide and opioid use by providing peer support services for active duty, veterans, and military families.

Events Grow Business

Keep It Movin’ Fitness leverages its events and impact strategy to provide youth outside fitness camps during the summer while growing revenue online.

our coaching outcomes

Your success could be this sweet.

Our Difference

Promoting Equity and Diversity in Founders

We get you.

It’s pretty simple. Nothing about us without us.

Our coaching is different, we respect diversity and neuro-diversity. We engage the community in creating solutions. We support minority founders and organizations that serve minority communities and marginalized people globally.

BRands We’ve Amplified: