Sustained Success Through Strategic Growth

Sustainability is a process, not a destination.

Transform Your Organization

Social business is revolutionizing markets by giving consumers the choice to do business with companies that stand for a cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs can create loyal customers and employees. Imagine how you can transform your business by doing one simple thing: formalizing your impact mission.

Nonprofit organizations struggle to keep their doors open. 1/3 of nonprofit organizations face financial hardship that will cause them to close within 2 years due to the effects of the pandemic. 

Nonprofit organizations need help creating sustainable organizations that transform people and communities. What if it was easier to create social change?

Business Consulting

I offer unique consulting services designed specifically for social businesses. My goal is to help your organization grow your profit by making more impact.

Nonprofit consulting

I help nonprofit organizations 10X their impact by focusing on infrastructure and strategy. Our work will help you use your internal capacity to grow your nonprofit.

My consulting is not cookie-cutter because you and your work are unique.

Social Impact Training

Learning is part of the growth process. I offer three signature training experiences online and in-person.


Building Sustainable Futures

Are you treating your sustainability like an afterthought? Barriers to sustainability come up daily. While you’re planning and implementation social change initiatives, you must think ahead to build change that will outlast you.

Using a multi-dimensional sustainability model to guide planning and implementation can help you and your change agent friends navigate pitfalls and create lasting impact.

1 hour to full-day training experience for up to 30 people.
1 hour sessions start at $1250
Full-day sessions start at $3,500


Implementation Bootcamp

Coming in 2023- a 2-day boot camp focused on overcoming barriers to implementation.

Women using white board to find data for their social business.

Level Up Your Influence

Your growth online takes carefully cultivated synergy between your programs, marketing, and fundraising strategies.

I give your team access to my influence growing academy and walk them through a live strategy call to develop a path that will work for you.

Course access for up to 10 people + 1 hour strategy session starting at $1500


Let me share some powerful sustainability stories with you.

Consultation Services

Sustainability is the process that you use to ensure your efforts continue to build a legacy through their natural lifespan to reach the outcomes you want to achieve.



Wondering where all your people are? Finding clients, customers, donors, and volunteers can be tricky. Let me unleash the power of your organization by examining how you connect with your most important audiences.

I can help you save marketing dollars by understanding how you transform strangers into supporters. We’ll dig into your outreach strategy, website and social media presence, and outcomes to answer the big question: How Can I Attract The Right People for Growth?



Making an impact can be a tricky mission. There are at least 8 dimensions every organization must invest in to create sustainable change.

I can teach you to apply my multi-dimensional sustainability framework so you can re-invest in what’s working and ditch everything else. Making an impact is an iterative process. I give your team the tools they need to navigate implementation challenges and overcome barriers to reaching your desired outcomes.



Need a compass to map the road ahead? Growing into the next phase of your organization’s future requires some groundwork and a solid plan. I exponentially grow your team’s capacity to plan for and create organizational growth.

I can take your board, partnership, or leadership team through a structured process to grow strategically. We unlock the secrets hidden in your data to decide the best way to reach your fullest potential.