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Who We Are

Discover the Power of Purpose

We make sustainability come to life through our Impact-Based Business Coaching for Executive Teams.
Our coaching program is designed to equip your leadership team with the skills and strategies needed to
drive strategic growth and maximize social impact while fostering organizational excellence.

Ignite Your Team

With years of experience in social impact coaching and consulting, we understand the unique challenges
that executive teams face. Our collaborative approach ensures that our work is tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.

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Our Approach

We believe in the power of collaboration

and strategic thinking.

Our team coaching program focuses on aligning vision, strategy, and execution to drive meaningful change and sustainable success.

Whether you’re a small executive team or a large collaborative network, we’re here to support

you every step of the way.

We serve all kinds of groups and organizations to ensure our work drives the collective impact of

every teaming structure.

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Wendie Veloz Enterprises helps you discover your true solutions.

Impact Experts

We have the expertise to guide your team at any level of your work. If your team includes these partners, we can help.

Federal Government
State & Local Government
Public-private Partnerships
School Districts

Wendie Veloz provides thought leadership on social impact topics.


With over 15 years of experience leading federal collaboratives, our founder Wendie Veloz is committed to the lasting success created by teams.

Internal teams within an organization
are just as important as external partnerships

Our expertise helps build the sustainability of
both internal and external teams.


Prevention Institute:

Communities of Care (CoC)

As a trusted partner of the Prevention Institute, we provided 1:1 coaching for collaborative members, training for all collaborators, and materials development for e-learning platforms.

Our focus on sustainability and capacity building helped the Houston-based Communities of Care collaboratives thrive and create lasting community impact.

  • Sustainability Technical Assistance
  • Online Training
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • In-person facilitation
  • Content Creation

Through our work, we’ve empowered collaboratives to plan for sustainability alongside their partnering organizations strategically.

Prior work with the Prevention Institute has encompassed many areas including youth violence prevention, mental health promotion, trauma, systems change, and thought leadership.

Babies in Baytown is a collaborative in Baytown, TX supporting young children and families. This is the leadership at a meeting facilitated by Wendie Veloz in December 2023

Northeast Houston

Collaborative- Hive Fund

Through our work with the Hive Fund, we supported the Northeast Houston Collaborative in its efforts to secure federal funding for clean energy and resilience projects.

Our tailored coaching and technical assistance empowered organizations to be “grant-ready” and pursue a federal grant application to achieve their goals.

  • Large group meeting facilitation
  • Idea Surgery consensus-building process
  • Grant readiness assessments
  • Strategic planning and reports
  • Grant application technical assistance

The Northeast Houston Collaborative includes over 17 nonprofit organizations and grassroots community partnerships. Each organization dedicates its unique capacity to the overall collective impact to move the needle on climate justice in a vulnerable part of the Houston community.

Wendie Veloz Enterprises team members Holly Alsop, Brianna Howard, Jalessa Chambers, and Charline Houtin.
Our Difference

Our Expertise, Your Success

Successful coaching isn’t just about providing insights and strategies – it’s about integrating them into your organization’s culture and operations.

Our executive coaching for teams emphasizes team integration, ensuring that coaching insights are effectively implemented across your team or network to drive long-term organizational success.

  • Innovative
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Resourceful

Drawing on years of experience in grant writing, federal government, and collaborative initiatives, our team brings deep expertise to guide you toward sustainable success.

From executive coaching and capacity building to grant readiness assessment and strategic planning, we provide comprehensive support tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions? No problem! Let’s go over some of the details.

Yes, we accept payment plans. The scope of work and payment plan will be outlined in the contract. Once that is signed your invoices are automatically delivered to your inbox or invoicing system for ACH payments.

Organizations in the greater Washington, D.C. region can arrange to meet in person in a convenient location at appropriate times.

We travel nationally and internationally for in-person meetings and projects as needed. Travel costs for our team members are included in your contract if required to ensure successful outcomes.

Our coaching program is suitable for a wide range of organizations, including non-profits, businesses, and collaborative networks.

Whether you’re a small executive team or a large collaborative network, our tailored approach can help you achieve your goals and drive transformative change.

The pricing for our Team coaching works in one of two ways, billable hours over the duration of the contract period for projects that require it per a funding stream or organizational practices. All other contracts must be paid upfront or over monthly installments. We do not contract with organizations that do not intend to fulfill the entire contract or Statement of Work (SOW).

At Wendie Veloz Enterprises, we’re plugged into a vibrant network of skilled consultants and businesses spanning diverse expertise areas, from grant writing to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

If your business is seeking a referral, count on us to assist you in finding the perfect match within our network of aligned partners. Should you wish to integrate specialized expertise into our contract, we’ll proactively enlist consultants from our network to join our team, ensuring your needs are expertly met every step of the way.

Our Difference

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We hold space for the ones who you serve.

It’s pretty simple. Nothing about us without us.

Our coaching is different, we respect diversity and neuro-diversity. We engage the community in creating solutions.

We support minority founders and organizations that serve minority communities and marginalized people globally.