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Our Revenue for Impact Guidebook gives you the secrets to growing your revenue so you can do more good.

Are you looking for cash flow for your business or nonprofit? This is your ticket to new ways to revolutionize your organization’s money mindset today.

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The revenue for impact guidebook helps entrepreneurs like these women sitting at a table talking business.
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Need Dollars to Grow?

Every impact organization needs money to continue making an impact. This e-book walks you step-by-step through a formula you can use to make a bigger impact while growing your revenue.

We teach you how to:

  • Better understand the landscape of funding for doing good.
  • As a business, align your impact and profit missions to make more money and do more for others.
  • Use our key frameworks to do your work with ease and flow.

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Peek at What’s Inside

Our e-book gives you what you need to grow your funding right now to…

Helping youth leaders and college students get to the next step in their career white outline of people on stairs against purple background


Ways your business or nonprofit can make an impact and more money.

Nonprofit or social business leader in white outline thinking in front of burgundy background


Business development basics revamped for modern entrepreneurs.​

Wellness for entrepreneurs


Highly effective frameworks and tactics you’ve never seen before.​

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The ultimate guide to bring you closer to serving your purpose.​

Wendie Veloz Social Impact Strategist pictured in blue dress standing against a railing. Photo by Ather Ahsan copyright 2023.

Meet the Author Wendie Veloz​

My why is simple. I’ve been called to create mass change and I won’t stop until I do.

I want to be part of the change you are trying to create by working with you to get outcomes for real people.

My success came from years of mastering how to take advantage of programs, services, and funding.

Now it’s my turn to give back. The resources in this guide have helped clients increase their revenue while increasing their impact too.

Learn More About Wendie

Technical Expert

15 years of experience growing social impact programs and services

Executive Coach

Supports non-profits and business leaders to implement multi-million dollar initiatives.

Our Most Helpful Frameworks Explained

We give you access to the most helpful frameworks that our clients rave about.

Wendie Veloz's SAVEE Framework helps social entrepreneurs look for funding aligned with their vision for impact.

Find Aligned Funding with SAVEE

Understand how to find aligned funding that won’t take you outside your lane or move you off course from your impact vision.

Dollars People Time and Donations (DPTD) Framework by Wendie Veloz helps social entrepreneurs give and receive support.

Give and Receive Funding with DPTD

You can give more as a business owner or ask for what you need as a nonprofit with the right words to connect to aligned funding partners.

Wendie Veloz's Impact Driven Business Model helps social enterprises develop successful formulas for driving revenue.

Do good with Impact Driven Business

The exact steps you can take to strengthen your business model, drive more revenue, and do things that matter to you.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“What sets you apart is your ability to share a wealth of unique strategies, tips, and insights that I believe most grant writers wouldn’t know. This experience opened up an entirely new realm of knowledge and expertise for me, and I am confident that others will benefit greatly from your guidance as well.”

-Percilla Zeno, Founder Zeno Wellness Group
PerCella Zeno, nonprofit founder and social entrepreneur is a repeat coaching and consulting client