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What is Idea Surgery?

The Idea Surgery Process helps you break down complex ideas into manageable components, just like performing surgery on the tangled mass of thoughts to reveal clarity and structure.

  • Get Consensus
  • Innovate Freely
  • Self-developed Solutions
  • Refine and Hone Thoughts
“Wendie’s approach to Idea Surgery helped me visualize the areas of my life that are important to me and where I spend most of my time.

Which led me to shift away from the areas that were out of alignment.”

-Curt Belvins,
Stronger in 90
Field tested for impact

What’s the Difference Between Idea Surgery and Mind Mapping?

This process for strategic planning was tested with over 20 coalitions, grantees, clients, and communities across the country before it was ever made public.

Traditional mind mapping only shows you what’s happening visually.

Idea Surgery is a set of tailored prompts and protocols to help you move through the mind mapping and strategy development process quickly and efficiently.

Wendie Veloz Enterprises offers Idea Surgery to groups in-person and online
Works with Teams or Solo.

Idea Surgery has been used to help social entrepreneurs and teams of up to 100 people develop strategies that make a lasting impact.

Get Clarity. Get Results.

I Highly Recommend

“Idea Surgery is amazing! It’s my go to on a weekly basis as I map out ideas for the different dynamics of my business & life.
As someone with an ADHD diagnosis having Wendie teach me this process helped me to understand what my brain wasn’t naturally doing.
Business has so many different moving pieces & as a creative I have tons of ideas.
Idea surgery helps you get it out of your head and into a cohesive format that supports you to turn your ideas into an actionable plan.
Idea surgery is more than a tool it’s a life skill!”
Jasmine Renee
Mindfulness & Mindset Consultant

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