10 Common Abundance and Manifestation Blockers

You need ways to get over the things holding you back from achieving your goals and living your dreams. Learn more about these 10 abundance blockers that may be keeping you from making an impact. As a mindset coach for entrepreneurs, I see these 10 blockers stopping social entrepreneurs from creating amazing businesses and nonprofit organizations all the time. This guide will help you overcome common abundance blockers so you can manifest your vision.

In this post you will learn manifestation tips to help you: 

  • Manifest abundance as a social entrepreneur
  • Overcome abundance blockers
  • Manifest the impact and funding you want to see

Don’t let these stop you, learn more about them by listening to this podcast episode. In this blog post you’ll learn about:

Why is Manifestation Important to Social Entrepreneurs?

Manifestation is crucial to social entrepreneurship because manifesting the social change and social impact that we want to see is the only way to truly create change. When we are operating on auto-pilot or we are not focused on breaking through barriers, there are blockers that creep in and stop us from making our vision a reality. 

We may not even notice them because we’re so busy “doing the work”. Social entrepreneurs face many barriers and challenges every day. Sometimes we can’t see the ways that we are contributing to those challenges. 

That causes nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs (like you!) to get frustrated when they don’t see the impact they want. You may not reach the profit or donation level they desire. Or you might find it difficult to live a life where work and happiness are balanced. 

If you are having trouble manifesting the life you want, the social impact you are passionate about, and you can’t stand the frustration any longer… check this list of these 10 common manifestation blockers. One of these abundance blockers could be the culprit holding you back from becoming a kick-ass impact-driven organization.  

10 Common Manifestation and Abundance Blockers That Are Stopping You From Reaching Your Vision

Learn more about each of these common blockers that might be holding you back from aching your goals and dreams.

  1. Mindset
  2. Limiting beliefs
  3. Self-image
  4. Emotions
  5. Habits
  6. Body & health
  7. Environment
  8. Relationships
  9. Accepting & receiving
  10.  Misplaced energy

Mindset: Your Key to Social Impact Gold

If you are a social entrepreneur seeking impact and profit you have to do the mindset work if you are going to make social change happen. Mindset is everything. 

As a visionary, your leadership and skills are two of the biggest assets that will help you create social change and make a difference for the people you serve. Your mindset is how you make your vision come to life. 

How do you get your mindset on the right track? This blog post explains all about having a Fixed vs. Growth mindset. Use your mindset to hack your success and take a detour around wasted energy spent worrying about failure. 

Limiting beliefs

I find it fascinating that limiting beliefs started as a protective mechanism from our subconscious mind that was leftover from hunter-gatherer days when threats were different from the way they are today. 

Those same tendencies to keep ourselves safe from harm now contribute to the limiting beliefs that keep us inside our comfort zone. When a new idea, a big idea, or too many ideas plague a social entrepreneur, limiting beliefs are right there to rescue us from ourselves. 

Social entrepreneurship is a risk just as much as it is filled with rewards. I specialize in coaching BIPOC women entrepreneurs who experience limiting beliefs that I’ve never even seen before. However, for this group limiting beliefs are caused by much more than nature.

Women of color face issues related to race/ethnicity, trauma, body image, racism, sexism, historical trauma, and structural racism. The world was not created for women of color to succeed. It’s no wonder the women I coach have extra work to unpack their personal history while building a social change movement. Here are some tips from my work as a coach for female entrepreneurs of color.


Your self-image is how you perceive yourself and the possibilities that exist for your life. Self-image contributes to your confidence and your belief that you will reach goals, make an impact, and manifest your vision.

Self-image goes deeper than the person you see in the mirror. Part of the impact of manifestation work is changing your self-image and belief about who you are. As you move in closer alignment with your vision and the highest version of yourself, the current version of you will shift and change.

That’s OK! If your self-image doesn’t change as you move closer to your vision, it will block you from getting there. It’s challenging to get to your goal if you don’t see yourself getting there or don’t believe you can get there. Seeing the social impact you want to create, seeing yourself being successful, and allowing yourself to grow into a new person are all ways you can become a badass change agent manifesting your dreams.


Your emotions play a huge role in your success. Our emotional state changes constantly each day. We cycle through emotions as we experience life. Emotions are developed through the same mechanisms as our beliefs, which makes them complex things to “change”. Emotions are created as a response to circumstances, our experiences, and our relationships with others. 

As a social entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve noticed that your emotions can completely derail your ability to make an impact. When we sit in negative low-vibe emotions like fear, envy, guilt, or sadness we cannot use that energy to manifest the social change we desire. 

Fear is a huge blocker of manifestation energy. Naturally, we tend to not spend our energy doing the work that we need to do to manifest our vision when we are afraid of chasing our dreams. Perhaps we think our ideas aren’t good ones. Fear can stop us from taking inspired action towards reaching our goals. 0


Habits can make or break your ability to manifest the impact you want to create. Taking consistent inspired action towards the goals you’ve set is how social change happens. When progress stops, the goal cannot be achieved. 

As a social business owner or leader of a non-profit organization, you likely have some daily habits that have contributed to your success. (good job!) It’s time to keep going! Creating the right kinds of habits that lead to success will bring you incrementally closer to having the life you want to manifest. 

Just as habits can move you closer to your goal, they can also block you from reaching your goal. Having the wrong habits, having habits that are not aligned with your goals, or not leveraging habits to your advantage can block your manifestation mojo. 

These habits can actually push you further from your goal. That’s why it’s important to focus on building strong habits that bring you closer to your goal.

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Body & Health

Your body is your vessel and you are the container for all this social change work to happen. You have to remain strong in spirit, mind, and body in order to endure the challenges that come with social entrepreneurship. 

Having a strong and healthy body complements all the mindset and emotional work that is required to manifest your vision. You need physical energy to work towards your goals and change your reality. That physical energy will help you take the inspired action required to be effective and make an impact. 

A healthy body is supported by wellness practices like working out, restorative sleep, drinking water, eating right, and managing your stress levels. 

You might be used to working yourself so hard for everyone else that you burn out and have to take long periods of time off so you can rejuvenate and replenish yourself. Burnout is a huge factor in the turnover we see in the nonprofit sector and especially now during the great resignation. 

It turns out that working so hard you burn out isn’t the most effective way to create social change. Yet somehow, social entrepreneurs still manage to work themselves so hard their bodies give out and say NO MORE! 

As a mindset coach for entrepreneurs, I often hear stories about overwhelm, stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and depression or manic phases. The physical toll of work that focuses on helping others is real and can completely stop your manifestation mojo. 


What you see is what you get. If your environment is not conducive to creativity, innovation, change, and impact-driven decision-making… you’re likely not going to go very far.

The physical environment you operate in, the online environment that helps you spread your gifts, and the community where you are working can all influence your ability to manifest your vision. 

Social entrepreneurship offers a vehicle through which we can alter physical environments to be healthier, happier, and thriving. You can actually benefit from people like you making our environments and communities better places to live and work. You might also be the creator of a community online or the holder of space so others can heal and grow. 

When we are working in chaotic environments, part of online drama, or get caught up in communities that are not aligned with our purpose/vision we limit our manifestation abilities. Our environment can become an abundance blocker that is hindering our success.


Relationships contribute to our social wellness and are the ways in which we connect with others around us. The social influences we surround ourselves with are important to helping or hindering us from achieving our goals and purpose. 

Relationships can be abundance blockers because sometimes the people around us can influence our behavior and actions. The wrong relationships or influences can force us to question our actions, make us think our ideas aren’t good, or that we should be spending our time doing other things. Maybe someone in your family or friend circle is asking you “why do you care about this so much? Let someone else do it!” or “you aren’t even in that group, why do you want to help those people?”. 

Sometimes our relationships are toxic and unhelpful to our success. On the flip side, having the right support system made of kick-ass people can propel your success and achievements. 

You are the keeper of your relationships. You have the power to set boundaries, accept or reject comments, and ask for help if you need it. Leveraging your relationships as a social entrepreneur can require building a strong network of people who are like-minded and like-hearted.

Accepting and Receiving

Social entrepreneurs often want to give to others selflessly. That’s why it can be difficult for you to accept a compliment, praise, or feedback. 

The practice of accepting and receiving is important to maintaining a growth mindset. It’s also important to help us recognize when we’re getting closer to the vision we are manifesting. 

Accepting compliments and constructive feedback can be difficult if you’re not used to being in the spotlight. When you’re the visionary or head of your social venture, the buck stops with you. 

That means you need to be ready to get compliments and feedback. Some feedback might not be constructive, doesn’t matter. You have to be ready for it to come anyway. 

Misplaced Energy Caused by Abundance Blockers

The final abundance and manifestation blocker we’ll cover is how you use your energy. We already discussed the idea that incremental inspired action is the road you need to take to manifest your vision. 

You need the energy to walk that road with your healthy body, mind, and spirit. Knowing what makes you joyful and thrive will help you decide where you should be putting your energy

Each of us only has a finite amount of energy we can use each day towards or goals. That energy is also measured by how much time we spend doing the work that will get us there. That time and energy sometimes convert into profit or money coming our way. 

This formula is how social entrepreneurs turn their actions into clients or donors, donations or profit. You put the energy out, the energy comes back to you. 

That means you can block your manifestation if you aren’t leveraging energy exchange to your advantage. Taking the right actions that will lead you further on your journey is a delicate balance very social entrepreneur must find. Everyone’s journey is different and each of us has the power to choose how we use our energy. 

Even if you have the time, you’d always have the energy to do all the things you’d like to do so you can manifest your vision. When you overbook yourself and you over-commit yourself, you have basically said, I’m not going to allow myself to use my energy as efficiently as possible. 

Similarly, we can overspend energy when we don’t need to. Thinking that we have to do all the work ourselves or that asking for help will result in more energy expended on our part limits us from delegating and benefiting from help.

Overcome Abundance Blockers and Manifest The Impact You Want To See

Social change will take all of us working together in complementary ways. The collective impact of social business owners and nonprofit leaders is what will change the world. The momentum created through social entrepreneurship is growing as more people explore their career and life options. 

Manifestation is an important skill for social entrepreneurs who need to maintain their motivation and focus. These 10 common abundance blockers can make creating a sustainable social impact venture impossible. 

Keep reading this blog and follow me on LinkedIn to get more tips on how you can maintain your momentum and stop manifestation blockers from killing your mojo. 

Thank you!

This post was inspired by this article from self-madeladies.com. That article inspired a conversation in the Social Impact Level Up Club on the Clubhouse App with our collective. Follow the podcast for more conversations like these.

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