What Are The Steps To Turn Ideas Into Impact?

There are a few critical steps to turn ideas into impact. When you are writing a grant, you happen to use many of the steps in the process. That’s by design. 

Grantors know what makes a program successful and how to implement it to get results. The questions asked in the grant-making process and post-award requirements are intended to help organizations go from idea to impact. 

That’s why grant writing is a crucial skill for individuals and organizations seeking to secure funding for their projects and initiatives. However, the grant writing process can seem daunting and complex. Grant dollars also limit how the money can be spent which can create limitations for your organization. 

The process of grant writing can help your organization go from the initial idea all the way to creating a meaningful impact with funding to support your work.

Identifying Your Idea

The first step in the grant writing process is to identify a compelling idea or project that aligns with your organization’s mission and addresses a specific need in the community. 

In Idea 2 Action, we explore effective strategies for brainstorming ideas, conducting a needs assessment, and selecting the most promising project for grant funding. These steps help you take the ideas you’ve identified and prioritize which ones are ready for implementation. 

There are three main concepts that can help you explore further- Ready, Wiling, and Able. Are you ready to scale? Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? Are you able to or have the technical skills to be successful at reaching the desired outcomes? 

Once your idea is brainstormed and the priorities are identified, you can move forward researching with confidence. 

Researching Funding Opportunities 

Next, it’s time to research and identify relevant funding opportunities. When you’re researching, you’re looking for alignment between you and your funder. 

Do your visions align? Are the things that the funding opportunity requires you to do within the scope of your organization’s mission? Can you sustain the work after the funding period is over? 

Asking yourself critical questions when you are looking for funding helps you spend your time getting serious about the funding opportunities that make the most sense for you. 

In Idea 2 Action, we’ll discuss various sources of funding, including government grants, foundations, and local funding opportunities. We go beyond how to navigate grant databases and directories to find the right funding opportunities for your project.

The research phase requires time and recognition that funding is cyclical. You might do your research now and find a grant that just closed or one that isn’t open yet. Once you find the right kind of funding opportunity you can hop into the details.

Understanding the Grant Application 

To successfully secure grant funding, you need to understand the components of a grant application. Most grant applications have very similar structures or ask for similar types of information. 

There are usually questions about need, capacity, the proposed solution/program, evaluating success, and a budget. These core components are structured in a way that will help you understand what is required of you to apply, get the money, and successfully implement your strategy. 

Grant writing courses will help you understand the application process and how to address the criteria in the best way. For example, in Idea 2 Action, we dive into the essential elements, such as the eligibility criteria, statement of need, goals and objectives, evaluation plan, logic models, and budget development. 

More importantly, you’ll get insights into what funders look for in a compelling grant application and how to tailor your proposal to maximize your chances of success.

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Crafting a Compelling Narrative 

Writing a persuasive and compelling narrative is crucial in grant writing. Your grant narrative is how you convey the urgency of funding your project and your capabilities to be successful. 

Grant reviewers are looking for specifics about how you will complete the work. Who, what, when, where, why, and how the work will be done or outcomes will be achieved? These important details must be crafted in an easy-to-understand format using project management principles. 

Things like work plans, timelines, logic models, and SMART goals might complement or be included in your narrative. Unfortunately, you can’t fake the funk here. You must have a well-developed program that came from your original idea and accounts for the needs you identified in your needs assessment.

Idea 2 Action shows you the techniques for crafting a compelling story that effectively communicates the importance and impact of your project. You’ll learn how to engage the reader, showcase your organization’s strengths, and demonstrate your project’s potential to create meaningful change. 

On top of that, you’ll get practice aligning the needs for your help, your strategies, your budget, and your outcomes to explain to funders why you are the best candidate for funding.

Developing a Solid Budget 

Budget development is a critical aspect of grant writing. Strong budgeting skills help you scale your program appropriately and ensure the fidelity of your work. Your organization needs the capacity to create budgets that can accurately reflect your vision for the future. 

By aligning your budget, strategy/activities, and outcomes you can balance your efforts and successfully use all your resources. The steps to creating a budget that you can scale with your efforts include developing budget categories, identifying allowable expenses, and how to justify the funds you use to support your project’s outcomes.

Idea 2 Impact guides you through the process of creating a realistic and comprehensive budget that aligns with your project’s goals and objectives. You’ll get real-time practice aligning your project plan and outcomes with your budget priorities. 

Review and Submission 

The final stages of submitting a grant application are checking your work and submitting early. Many online grant submission platforms are complicated to use, especially at the state and federal levels. Funders generally recommend you complete your application and forms early so you can submit them prior to the deadline, in case errors happen.

Before submitting your grant application, it’s essential to review and edit it thoroughly. When you’re editing, you should look for things like 

  • Errors in logic
  • Unclear statements 
  • Maximizing the number of points by justifying your work clearly
  • Completeness of required forms

In Idea 2 Action, the final session focuses on what to do during submission and immediately after. There should be no surprises when it comes to the last step after many hours of hard work.

Turning Ideas Into Impact Final Thoughts

When you are turning ideas into impact, grants are just one mechanism in a coordinated funding approach to help you get to the goal. Learning more about the funding streams that can support organizations that make an impact is a critical step in your learning journey. 

While the grant writing process may seem overwhelming you can navigate it successfully and make a significant impact by knowing the process that leads to impact. Remember, grant writing is a skill that can be honed and developed with practice and guidance

Following the strategies and insights shared in the Idea 2 Action: Art of Sustainable Grant Writing course, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your grant writing journey and turn your ideas into impactful initiatives.

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