Show Up As Your Whole Self

Holistic Business Practices

Elevate H.E.R. Worth Balanced Business Guide helps women owned businesses drive revenue in 7 days.
More Revenue = More impact

Business Guide

Kickstart your revenue generation with our 7-day guide from the Elevate H.E.R. Worth Event.

This guide offers actionable steps to boost your business revenue while maintaining your well-being.

Wellness Inspo for do-gooders

The Social Impact Level Up Podcast

“How do you maintain your wellness so you can continue to show up and serve?”

Our podcast guests give valuable wellness strategies for modern entrepreneurs.

Reset Your Wellbeing and Avoid Burnout

8 Dimensions of Wellness Model

Our 8 Dimensions of Wellness Model helps clients reset their well-being, ensuring they avoid burnout and maintain balance in their lives.

Mental Wellness- Wendie Veloz helps wellness business owners and entrepreneurs

Your mental and emotional state impacts your daily life.

Spiritual wellness- Wendie Veloz helps harness and align the energy of coaching clients

Aspects of life that provide meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Wellness- Wendie Veloz helps fitness business owners grow

Nutrition, sleep, exercise, and preventive activities.

Social Wellness- Wendie Veloz leads social entrepreneurs to connect with each other

Healthy, positive relationships and networks.

Intellectual Wellness- Wendie Veloz creates resources to support your intellectual wellness
Occupational & Intellectual

Continual learning for brain health and development.

Community & environmental wellness
Community & Environmental

Communal factors and connection to others.

Financial Wellness- Wendie Veloz helps entrepreneurs grow their financial wellness

Living a satisfying life within your financial means.

Pet Wellness- Wendie Veloz is an advocate for pet wellness

Pets contribution to our well-being and us to theirs.

REset Your Routine

Wellness Recipe Masterclass

Our Wellness Recipe Masterclass is designed to help overwhelmed social entrepreneurs reset their wellness routines.

This masterclass offers practical strategies to integrate wellness into your daily life, ensuring you stay energized and effective in your mission-driven work.

Community members doing yoga outdoors- Wellness Grind + Social Impact Level Up
Stay Energized

Fuel your work with the motivation to harness your energy to match the work.

women eating around a table
Wellness Routine

Practical strategies to revamp and recharge your existing routines or create new ones.

Live Your Wellness First Lifestyle

Executive Coaching

  • Enhance Your work-life balance: Navigate the challenges of maintaining space for “self” and “service” with ease.
  • Grow Your Wellness Business: Ensure your wellness business grows while the finances and operations are in harmony.
  • Embody Energetic Alignment: Implement your vision with confidence knowing you have the energy to do so.

“Working with Wendie was absolutely invigorating. She is full of ideas, a very strategic planner and is really good at mapping out processes.”

Sadija Smiley, SAILS- Stillborn and Infant Loss Support
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Visit our sister website,, where we delve deeper into the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Discover more strategies and insights to enhance your well-being and thrive in both life and business.
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