How do you know you’re living your vision? 

Manifesting your vision is an incremental process. But how do you know when you are actually at the point of living the vision you are creating? 

If you aren’t careful, you could miss the moment when your vision becomes a reality. 

How? Great question. 

How not to miss your vision

When we are caught up in doing all the things, we might not be giving ourselves the time and space to recognize where we are vs. where we started. 

The past fades away quickly so as your reality changes and you are suddenly in a different place, it might seem like you made progress but that progress came with its own new circumstances or challenges. 

That can make it hard for you to recognize that the things are were visualizing for yourself have become your reality.

This episode features Wendie Veloz, Rodrigo Bravo, Santiago Caseres, Curt Belvins, Tiffany Lee, and Jeff Rosales.

Living Your Vision

Every entrepreneur has been told to fake it till you make it. The version of this that is more congruent with manifestation is to see yourself living your vision until it happens. 

By focusing on the long-term aspects of your vision, you are making your vision more and more normal. 

As you are “faking it” you are really taking consistent action towards your vision until you are where you want to be. Until you get there, you can ask yourself “what do I have to do to get the position I want to be in?”

1. Recognizing the Moments

As you continue your journey towards your vision, there will be moments when you see actions and situations that are indicative of your vision. These moments are there to demonstrate you are headed where you want to be. 

Even if you can’t see the complete vision yet, recognize the parts of your vision that are already manifesting in your current reality.

To recognize these moments you can:

  • Set up milestones and celebrate when you reach them
  • Track your milestones daily with a tool like Trello
  • Implement a daily affirmation practice
  • Ask your support group or tribe to call out when they see your successful moments
  • Find an accountability partner and set up a regular check-in schedule

If you have a vision board, make sure it is out where you can see it and use it to remind you of your complete vision. Don’t keep your vision board in a closet for a year like I did, which ultimately did correspond with the year I didn’t work on my business. 

I often have trouble recognizing when my larger vision needs to level up because I am only tracking the moments and small parts of my vision that have become my new reality. 

Woman looking through a telescope at a landscape with grey words on a white background.

For example, it took me a while before I realized that I had manifested my entrepreneur life. One morning I woke up, spent a half-hour cuddling the dog, took a walk in the Houston summer sunshine, worked out, and started my work at 10:30 am. 

For years I’d had trouble waking up. I would call out from work sick with headaches, neck aches, random health issues. My body physically hated what I was forcing it to do- wake up and go to a job that wasn’t fulfilling. So it revolted. I would lay in bed dreaming of a day when I could stay home, cuddle the dog, work out, and then do whatever I wanted… sometimes work sometimes not. 

Every day I’m now living the vision I manifested. It just took me a minute to realize it. 

2. Adapt & Keep Growing

It’s important to continue to remind yourself why you’re doing the work you are doing and look at your progress towards your goals every day. 

Keeping track of what has been accomplished, you will know you’re living your vision and you’re on the right path. You may notice a need to adapt when you are assessing your growth and progress.

When you are working to manifest your vision, parts of your vision will present themselves. As that happens, you have to be ready to adapt. 

Things in your vision may become reality faster than you realize when you make more adaptations that lead you closer to your vision. 

This has been my experience with manifestation. The more I trust in the flow of things the more doors open and as I adapt new doors present themselves. Previously what was not possible is now a new possibility and I need to decide to take a step through the door or not. 

You may have your own version of this, but it is up to you to realize when you need to adapt and to make the right decisions for your situation. 

3. Set Priorities and Work Through Obstacles

To reach your vision you will need to set priorities. By focusing on the vitals for your business, you will be living in a manner that will help you get closer to making your vision a reality.

Many of us have a long list of priorities. We feel like everything is important. Which, essentially makes nothing important. 

Dial-in on the priorities that align with your vision to use your energy efficiently. Prioritize your time to execute things that will help you move forward towards your goals.

Some of the “priorities” don’t need your investment because it’s not part of your vision. You have to give yourself permission to let of the things that are obstacles so you can truly live your vision.

In some cases, these things are parts of your business that are holding you back from being the highest version of yourself. 

Think of it this way, if it’s not making you money should you be doing it? Are you doing busy work or are you busy working to build your business? 

If you’re not sure, maybe the better way to do this is to let someone else do some of these things for you. Getting to the point where you can delegate parts of your business that are not helping you grow and use your time most efficiently is important to give you the time to live your vision. 

For example, if part of your vision is to live in the South of France for 4 months out of the year and drink wine… not likely if you can’t delegate some of your business while you chill in France.

4. Environment for Accountability

Creating the right environment to succeed is an important part of living your vision. Who you surround yourself with is a key part of your ability to keep moving forward and leveling up. 

Other things that can create or break your environment for manifesting are what you listen to, who you listen to, what you’re reading, and what you’re not reading.

The good news is, you can create the environment you need to thrive. Find out what works best for you and implement the strategies that move the needle for you. 

When you implement these strategies, check-in and ask yourself “What works? What did I do well?  what can I do better next time?” 

A great way to create the right environment is to find the right people who can help you grow. Joining or creating a mastermind group or a group coaching program can give you like-minded people in a space where you can thrive collectively. 

5. Getting in Flow

Some people, including myself, have had to fight to get to where we are because we weren’t born with wealth. 

That meant constantly being on the grind. Being a hard charger vs. allowing myself to get to the place I need to get when I’m supposed to get there. 

In contrast, when you’re living your vision and you are working towards alignment with your purpose you will more effortlessly achieve what is known as a flow state.

What I think is also happening is that you are being more strategic in your decision-making by figuring out your vision. Additionally, you are probably making sure your time and vision are in alignment with your goals by eliminating the noise. Noise like external factors that might not be important. 

Once you start moving in harmony with the flow of energy carrying you to your purpose, you will receive signs of affirmation that you are in alignment. Sometimes challenges may present themselves to show you that you are not in alignment. 

Pay attention to the signs that demonstrate that you are in alignment so you can remain in the flow state vs. creating static or resistance.

6. Understand Your Role In Living Your Vision

Don’t forget… you are a visionary. Your vision matters. You are the only one who has control over if your vision happens or not.

Once you recognize you are vital to your vision, you can start battling any Imposter Syndrome-type feelings that may arise. Your ability to continue working and thriving will be the difference between your vision happening, or not.

When you are living your vision it is up to you to recognize your own progress and keep pushing forward. That means investing in yourself, learning, reading, finding mentors, hiring a coach.

There are so many ways you can keep progressing so you can get to the next level of your vision. Make time to find things you love that help you grow. Continuing to grow is the only path to bring you closer to the most audacious version of you.

Don’t forget to reevaluate your vision, make any necessary revisions, and live with flow and acceptance. 

7. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded and Like-Hearted People 

The last lesson I’ll share from our Clubhouse room is that you can achieve your vision if you surround yourself with the right people. People who are like-minded and like-hearted who will help you get to where you are trying to be.

Finding mentors, coaches, support systems, and people who believe in you and believe in your vision will help you stay motivated and keep yourself striving to achieve more.

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