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In this post you’ll learn how to use powerful money mantras to interrupt negative thoughts and get back on your journey building an abundance mindset. Money mantras are helpful to reframe how you think about and build a relationship with money.

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What is a Mantra?

Mantras can be very useful to help you stay on your manifestation journey. Mantras are short sentences or sayings that you repeat and concentrate on. 

You can chant mantras during meditation, whisper them to yourself when you need inspiration, think deeply about them in silence, or even listen to them as you fall asleep. 

Mantras can also be used as an interruption tool when you need to reframe your thoughts and switch up your cognitive state. 

It’s helpful to have both short and long mantras that you can use for different purposes.  

Incorporate Mantras into Your Daily Life

If it seems like money mantras are too much to incorporate into your life, find ways to integrate them into things you already do. 

You can use money mantras while you walk, when you wake up, when you’re doodling in a meeting because you’re bored… the possibilities are endless.

Try to carve out space when you’re doing the things that you’re already doing, and add the new skill of using mantras to your tool belt.

Mantras As Interrupters

We experience mental health every day. Some days we have emotions that are bigger than others. Mantras are excellent “interrupters” that you can use to change your mood and emotions when you need to. 

Here’s the short expiration of how this works…

When you are experiencing a thought, mood, or emotion that is not serving your money mindset… you first need to recognize that fact. 

From there, you can decide to reframe your thought, mood, or emotion into something more productive for you. 

Once you recognize the problem, you substitute the thought, emotion, or feeling with a mantra that specifically turns that negative into a positive. 

Using mantras as an interruption technique is similar to skills you learn in cognitive behavioral therapy.

One of the keys to using this technique is to learn your triggers. What kinds of emotions, thoughts, or feelings put you in a low vibrational space? When you recognize them you have a better chance of battling them. 

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7 Money Mantras You Need Right Now

These 7 powerful money mantras can help you reframe your thoughts and substitute them with a higher vibrational thought. After you recognize you are having a thought, feeling, or emotion about money that is not helping you reach your highest potential, try one of these 7 to get back on track with your manifestation goals. 

1. There is more than enough for everyone.

There’s more than enough for everyone is a mantra to help remind you that as you are bringing more things into yourself there is also enough for others too. You can help unlock that for others and yourself when you are serving in your purpose.

When you are looking at your situation with an abundance mindset, you are in tune with both the good things coming to you and also helping to channel that energy to others. 

2. Abundance is my right and I deserve it.

Sometimes, for people who are not accustomed to wealth and excess money can have trouble feeling deserving of it. Everyone has the right to achieve their dreams and the level of success they desire. 

Just like people who are born wealthy, the rest of us also have the right to call abundance into our lives. If this sounds like you, know that you have the right to thrive. 

You have the right to have not only all of your needs met and the needs of the people that you love. You also have the right to have much more beyond getting your needs met. 

Part of it releasing it requires a process of purging the limiting beliefs that might be plaguing you from your childhood, your beliefs, past money, traumas, and upper limit barriers.

When you think about abundance as your right, that helps you release some of those old money traumas that you’re carrying with you.

The second part of the mantra is I deserve it. That part is where you’re actually allowing yourself to receive the abundance by acknowledging that you deserve it. 

3. My Income Increases Constantly

This mantra is a great one to repeat yourself on the regular. It’s short, to the point, and keeps you in the abundance mindset. Acknowledging that your income is constantly growing invites more and more to come your way. The word constantly is important because it implies a sense of infinite abundance that can come to you continually. 

When using this mantra as an interrupter, it can be helpful to cut negative thoughts about low-earning months, contracts that fell through, or even help you when you are not earning income at all. 

4. The more I learn, the more I earn, the more I earn, the more I can give.

We are all constantly learning, life is a learning journey. As you learn more and earn more, you can also give more. 

Challenging your intellectual well-ness to fuel your earnings is a great way to keep yourself growing. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, learning can help you increase your potential in multiple ways. 

By growing your skills you can advance in your niche or field. With that advancement, your price tag should also grow. As you get promoted, grow your venture, or earn more from your income streams… you can also contribute more towards the growth of others. 

Consider how you can give as much as you grow. Next time you’re having a thought that is holding you back from an opportunity, ask yourself: Does this allow me to learn? Does this allow me to earn more? Does this allow me to give more to others? 

If the answer is yes to all three, slam dunk… use this mantra to help you follow your instincts and get past your fears.

5. I am in a state of fulfillment, have abundant life and joyful life, and I am free to do whatever I wished.

This mantra is excellent to express your gratitude for the abundance you have at the moment. When you use this mantra, it can be powerful to visualize yourself in this state of fulfillment and what your life looks like when it is abundant and joyful. 

Chances are, if you’re using this mantra you don’t feel very abundant, joyful, or as if you can do whatever you please. So this mantra is a good one to reclaim your power. 

You can live a fulfilled, abundant, joyful life AND do it your way. It’s like the McDonalds of money mantras. You do you boo. 

Use this mantra when you need to release the pressure of others telling you how to walk your journey. When you are practicing boundaries with people in your life, it is important to have a powerful mantra like this to support you in doing whatever you wish.

6. Money allows me to be more giving and donate to the causes I believe in.

Being afraid of money or thinking money is a bad thing for bad people can limit our thoughts on how to support causes we care about. We might say something like “if I had a million dollars, I’d donate XX amount to XX charity…” 

The truth is, money is not evil. Money is a form of energy exchange and having money does allow you to help channel energy towards things you care about. Including, the social impact causes you support.

This mantra helps for those times when you may not feel like you have enough to give to others or to make your normal charitable contributions. You can reframe your focus on the “not enough” feeling and move into a space where you are allowing money to come to you so you can then channel some towards others. 

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7. I am vibrationally aligned with the prosperity I deserve.

Sometimes being a force of nature is not cool. On the flip side, we all know that doing nothing will get you nowhere. 

It’s important to be vibrationally aligned with what you are asking for and what you deserve. Vibrational alignment can feel like a flow state where many things are coming towards you and they all feel good. These things are the steps that will move you forward in your journey. 

If you are in need of this mantra, it might be because you are pushing yourself too hard or not enough. Finding balance for your energy is important to creating the right vibrational alignment that will allow you to succeed. 

A key step is knowing what vibrational alignment means for you. You can ask yourself if you’ve felt you were in vibrational alignment before.

One issue you might be experiencing is that you can’t recognize when you were in vibrational alignment with something. Knowing yourself and how you feel about opportunities and situations is very important to help you identify when you are in alignment. 

If you are forcing something, it may not result in what you hope for. Similarly, if you do nothing towards what you’re trying to manifest, you will not move forward. 

When you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or unmotivated… ask yourself how you can bring yourself back into vibrational alignment. This mantra is an excellent way to move you from the lower energy space to a place where you can problem solve and move forward with confidence. 

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