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Revenue is the biggest barrier to sustainability. Don’t let funding take you outside your zone of genius.

Discover our exclusive SAVEE Framework made for nonprofit leaders to diversify revenue in an aligned way.

Download our Revenue for Impact Guide to learn more.

Empower Your Nonprofit’s Future

Your Sustainability is Crucial

You don’t need to struggle to build your organization’s legacy.

Reorganize your long game with our sustainability framework and expert guidance.

Based on years of experience transitioning away from federal funding to sustainable local solutions, our community-centric approach helps build resilience, foster meaningful partnerships, and ensure long-term success.

Watch our Sustainability Reflections video series to learn more and take the first step toward lasting impact.

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Learning path

Nonprofit Growth Accelerator

  • Nonprofit Startup- Know where to get started.
  • Grant Writing Boost- Stand out from the crowd.
  • Program Design- Refocus on sustainability.
  • Partnerships for Change- Avoid partnership mishaps and ensure long-term support.
Our Essential

Courses and Resources

Worried about the things you don’t know ahead?

We take the guessing game out of impact work with DIY courses and resources that fit your
busy schedule.

Sustainable programs for children
Savvy Sustainability Strategies

Discover innovative strategies to ensure your nonprofit thrives for years to come.

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Grant Readiness
Made Simple

Get your nonprofit grant-ready while setting clear goals and actionable growth plans.

Invest in Your Nonprofit’s Succes

Executive Coaching

  • Jump Funding Hurdles: Overcome funding obstacles and secure the resources you need.
  • Master Strategy and Sustainability: Ensure finances and operations are in harmony.
  • Embody Adaptive Leadership: Lead your nonprofit with confidence and drive the positive change in your vision.
Are You Ready to Transform Your Nonprofit?

Self- Assessment

Check these steps to see if you’re ready to take your nonprofit to the next level.
If you agree with all of them, you’re ready for our transformative coaching!o go for our transformative coaching!

Are You Ready to Take the Steps to Grow?

Embrace strategic changes and actionable steps toward achieving your mission goals.

Are You Open to Thinking Strategically?

Implement robust systems and processes to support sustainable growth.

Are You Ready to Create Lasting Solutions?

Collaborate and develop innovative, long-term solutions tailored to your nonprofit’s needs.

Are You Willing to Dedicate the Time?

Commit to making the necessary time and space to achieve significant progress.

Are You Willing to Use New Tools and Methods?

Adopt new strategies and tools to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Are You Willing to Invest?

Recognize the value of investing in your nonprofit’s growth and allocate resources.

Can You Secure the Necessary Resources?

Access the skills and resources needed to implement strategies effectively.

Do You Have the Technical Skills to Grow?

Possess technical competencies required for executing growth initiatives.

Do You Have a
Growth Mindset?

Cultivate a mindset essential for sustainable success and impact.

“Working with Wendie was absolutely invigorating. She is full of ideas, a very strategic planner and is really good at mapping out processes.”

Sadija Smiley, SAILS- Stillborn and Infant Loss Support
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