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Impact-based business seamlessly integrates profit, impact, and marketing for sustainable growth. Learn more about our social business model and how to apply it.

Learn more in our Revenue for Impact Guidebook.

Propel Your Vision for change

Revenue for Impact Guidebook

Optimize your business resources so you can give more. The SAVEE Framework gives you the power to prioritize where to spend your time and effort to grow.

Get clarity with our most powerful frameworks- included in the Revenue for Impact Guidebook.

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The collective will have monthly zoom meetings like this community by LaChelle Adkins.
Learning Path

Create or Grow Your Social Business

Minority-Owned Business Coaching Client Keep It Movin' Fitness Dante Puchala with Wendie Veloz
Keep It Movin’ Fitness

Leveraging events and impact strategy to provide youth fitness camps while growing revenue online.

Zeno Wellness Group is a client of Wendie Veloz Enterprises
Zeno Wellness Group:

Reducing suicide and opioid use with peer support services for active duty, veterans, and military families.

Inspirational Social Business Stories

Explore Success Stories from Minority Small Business Social Impact Clients.

We Help You Reach Your Social Business Potential

Self- Assessment

Check these steps to see if you’re ready to boost your social business.

If you agree with all of them, you’re good to go for our transformative coaching!

Are You Ready to Take the Steps
to Grow?

Embrace change and concrete steps toward achieving your growth objectives.

Are You Open to Thinking Strategically?

Implement robust systems and processes to support growth.

Are You Ready to Create Sustainable Solutions?

Collaborate and develop innovative, long-term solutions tailored to your needs.

Are You Willing to Take the Time to Do the Work?

Commit to dedicating the necessary time and effort to achieve meaningful progress.

Are You Willing to Use New Tools
and Methods?

Openness to adopting new strategies and tools to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Are You Willing
to Invest?

Recognize the value of investing in your organization’s outcomes.

Can You Secure Resources to
Level Up?

Access necessary resources to implement strategies effectively.

Do You Have the Technical Skills
to Grow?

Possess technical competencies required for implementation.

Do You Have a
Growth Mindset?

Ready to cultivate a growth-oriented mindset essential for sustainable success.

David Hughes- Lean Performance Life and Nancy Lobos- The Magic Art Bus are past Coaching Clients of Wendie Veloz Enterpriss
You and Your Business Deserve This Investment

Take the guessing out of business development.

  • Discover the Unknowns: Tackle the “you don’t know what you don’t know” problem by exposing deep business insights and solutions.
  • Align Services, Energy Revenue: Strategically align offerings with your energy and revenue goals for sustainable growth.
  • Tailored Guidance for Your Unique Needs: Avoid burnout by addressing your specific business challenges and opportunities.

“Before joining Wendie’s program, my social impact initiative lacked direction and focus. Wendy provided the guidance I needed and refined my ideas. The strategies she introduced me to have improved my impact, efficiency and even in my corporate work.

With my program based in Africa, I was concerned about receiving generic content and strategies. However, Wendie tailored her approach to fit my local context and realities, ensuring the solutions were relevant and effective.

I highly recommend Wendie for anyone seeking to amplify their impact and achieve tangible results.”

Henry Okyere,
wendie veloz owner headshot
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