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This complimentary learning path is designed as a stepping stone to our more advanced courses.

Enjoy free access to tools and insights that empower you to master grant writing and secure crucial funding for your organization.

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Improve Your Grant Writing Skills

Idea to Action: Art of Sustainable Grant Writing

Whether you’re new to grant writing or a seasoned pro, this course offers insider tips from a grant reviewer’s perspective.

Learn the secrets to crafting winning proposals, with a special focus on federal grants.

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Amplify Your Grant Writing Skills

Social Impact Level
Up Collective

The collective will have monthly zoom meetings like this community by LaChelle Adkins.
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Grant Writing Learning Path: Funding Mastery Roadmap

Follow Our Roadmap

Grant Funding Opportunities

Explore our curated list of grant funding opportunities, including business grants, incubators, and nonprofit grants.

This resource helps you identify and secure the funding you need to propel your organization forward.

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Grant Readiness

Take control of your grant writing journey with our key grant writing products and resources. 

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Grant Sustainability

Develop effective grant proposals starting with sustainability and ending with your vision.

DIY Resources

Essential Tools for DIY Grant Writing.

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Executive Coaching

  • Jump Funding Hurdles:  Overcome funding obstacles and secure the resources you need.
  • Master Strategy and Sustainability: Ensure finances and operations are in harmony.
  • Embody Adaptive Leadership: Lead your nonprofit with confidence and drive positive change.
We Help You Reach Your Grant Funding Goals

Self- Assessment

Check these steps to see if you’re ready to get grant funding.
If you agree with all of them, you’re good to go for our grant readiness coaching!

Ready to Take the Steps
to Grow?

Embrace change and concrete steps toward achieving your growth objectives.

Ready to Think Strategically?

Implement robust systems and processes to support growth.

Ready to Create Sustainable Solutions?

Collaborate and develop innovative, long-term solutions tailored to your needs.

Willing to Take the Time to Do the Work?

Commit to dedicating the necessary time and effort to achieve meaningful progress.

Willing to Use New Tools
and Methods?

Open to adopting new strategies and tools to enhance organizational effectiveness.

to Invest in Support?

Recognize the value of investing in your organization’s outcomes.

Able to Secure the Resources to
Level Up?

Access necessary resources to implement strategies effectively.

Able to use Your Technical Skills
to Grow?

Possess technical competencies required for implementation.

Able to
Grow Your Mindset?

Ready to cultivate a growth-oriented mindset essential for sustainable success.

“What sets you apart is your ability to share a wealth of unique strategies, tips, and insights that I believe most grant writers wouldn’t know.”

PerCilla Zeno, Zeno Wellness Group
PerCella Zeno, nonprofit founder and social entrepreneur is a repeat coaching and consulting client

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